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Using Lunar Calendar In Your Bullet Journal

by Maria Irina 29 Jun 2020 0 Comments

Hey, Masha here from Masha Plans.

Today we are going to create something so much fun! A lunar calendar! Even if you don’t really believe in all this, let me tell you sister, after reading you just might, muahahahhaa.

Or, well, at least you’ll just have fun creating it.

But, hey real science here. The gravity of the moon does affect the tides and the water. And as you know, our human bodies are just basically walking bags of water, so whether you believe in the astrological aspect or not - it’s kind of true that the Moon influences us in a certain way!

So, let’s look first into why having a lunar calendar might be fun and useful.


First let’s discuss some esthetic aspects - lunar calendars are so pretty! It’s just such a cute page to look at, especially if you use some glittering colors instead of white.

Imagine black and white or black and silver - these colors look gorgeous together! And now I’m thinking I’d like to create a different calendar when I go back to my shiny colors.

But back to our reasoning. My point here is that it’s a cute page that you might want to have just as decoration. For example, maybe it can be a filler page for that time when you accidentally skipped a page when setting up your next weekly spread.

The next aspect is physical - different lunar phases have effects on our bodies, stronger in some, weaker in others. I find it would be interesting to track that and see how the moon influences your body, mind, and even mood.

Maybe you can even use a moon tracker together with a mood tracker? Or health tracker? So many possibilities here.

Finally, there is the mental part, where we believe that since the Moon affects us so much in the physical sense, it’s easy to assume that it’ll have a heavy mental impact.

If the Moon can influence our bodies, it can easily have control over our moods, productivity, energy levels, and so on.

On pure logic, it makes total sense! Yeah I’m all about logic these days because I started watching old Star Track and of course couldn’t escape the influence of Mister Spock. 


I would love to test this myself, and I advise you to try it too. Just track the lunar phases and see how they influence you and your moods and productivity! I bet you can come up with something pretty interesting.

Obviously, this wouldn’t be a professional post if I just told you to go and do it however you manage to do so, without any directions. So, here are some general tips I can share about how the moon can influence you:


This is when we get the dark side of the moon, that to me sounds pretty ominous and or psychedelic if you are into Pink Floyd.

However, this actually means that it’s a good place for a new beginning, a clean slate. Take some time for yourself and start thinking inwards.

It’s time to set new goals, get new energy, and start fresh!

Hey, I love all that. I’m already feeling like this might be my favorite moon phase!


Remember we talked about new goals and such? Well, the first quarter phase is perfect for you to go for it.

This is usually a stage when people start with their first struggles and lack of motivation kicks in. But that’s exactly why you have to go even harder on your goals!


In this phase the moon is right in the middle, between the Sun and the Earth and we are getting ALL the energy!

Spiritually, this implies quite the roller coaster - all your emotions are overflowing and in conflict. 

This is also when you start getting the first spoils of your hard work. So use all the emotions to be grateful for all these things.


Let the purge begin!

With the new moon coming soon, it’s time to let go (let it gooooooo, let it goooooo) our negative emotions and grudges. Time to get ready for a fresh start.

I really love how the Moon phases, it’s like a whole life in just one month. I just find it fascinating,  it sounds great to follow this mindset from month to month.

I’m definitely giving this a try!


So, if I managed to convince you like I convinced myself, and want to create a lunar calendar, I have some tips for you:

  1. Make sure you write down the meanings of the phases. Especially if it’s your first lunar calendar, you will definitely need these.
  2. Sketch it in pencil first, and mark the black areas. I didn’t and my first lunar calendar failed! I kept coloring the wrong sides of the moon.
  3. If you want a cleaner look - draw smaller moons or use a circle maker. It’s really an amazing tool for this situation.
  4. Check in advance which months will need more than just 4 moon drawings, it can influence your page planning!

As I’m writing these, I realized I haven’t shared the supplies I used to create my lunar calendar. Here they are:

B5 Archer and Olive Notebook - it’s perfect for the lunar calendar because it has all the space for the whole 12 months.

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens - my lunar calendar is pure black, so all I needed were my well served black fineliners.

Helix Circle Maker - I told you, this guy is a lifesaver in these situations! So happy how all my moons came out perfectly round.

Print Pression Washi Tape - I wanted to have a little accent and this one is, unfortunately, the only washi I have close enough to be called a galaxy.

With all that and maybe an hour (or two) or my time I came up with this little tracker.

bullet journal, masha plans, archer and olive, lunar calendar, moon phases


Of course I couldn’t leave you without little something, and I know creating a lunar calendar can be a daunting affair.

bullet journal, moon calendar, archer and olive, masha plans, freebie

So I created one for you! Print it out and start tracking how the Moon affects you right now, just sign up below.

Do you have a lunar phases tracker in your Bullet Journal? Are you planning to have one after reading this post?

Be sure to tag me (@mashaplans) and @archerandolive on Instagram, we’d love to see your creations!

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling and it’s ok to be a blob if you need to!

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