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Using your Undated Planner for your Travels!

by Nicola Knobel 05 Jul 2019 0 Comments

Setting yourself up for a trip can be a really exciting, but also petrifying! If you haven’t traveled before, how would you even know where to start? Hi! Nicola here from My Inner Creative, I’m talking today about preparing for your travels using an undated planner.

Now if you follow Amy Tangerine, she created this gorgeous travel spread in her Archer and Olive notebook and Undated planner!




But today we are making some changes by using the undated planner to think about that trip, best ways to plan for the trip, and capture memories! 

There is an absolute tonne of things you can add to your planning, from budgets to locations, hotels, places to visit, food to try, things to see, you flight plans and much more, but today we are going to focus on your Trip Planning, and Capturing memories in your undated planner.

Planning for your trip:

When you start thinking about locations, unless you make an absolute bucket load of money, you’ll want to think about planning well in advance to save up for your trip. So to do this you need a general idea about where you are going, what it will cost, and spending money.

My dream is to go to planner-con in San Francisco, so we are going to use this as an example as we work through the steps to planning your dream trip!

To get to San Fran from New Zealand will cost me about $xx, I know that I will need a rental car, and accommodation, So factoring it in this costs $xx, the tickets for planner con is $xx and the dinner and parties etc. I will absolutely want to buy some stuff! DUH! And I want A LOT of stuff, so lets look at about $1000 in spending money. Now that we have a rough guide, and a general idea about when it is, we can start saving and squirreling away money to plan for the trip!

Some of the things I absolutely want to see and do; I am going to list and, and then place mile stones monthly until the time comes for me to book in all of the things I need to.

You’re now on your trip! How do you manage keeping memories!

For me, I want to meet some of the people I look Up to, so I will plan to have a signature book, as well as a Polaroid camera to capture those moments on the spot. I’ll use the pictures to stick into my journal to keep those memories close.

While on holiday, I won’t need to keep my usual “to do list/bullet journal” practice, so can use the space as something to capture memories from the day. If you don’t know what to remember per day, pre-print out some cards which ask you to remember certain things, like “people you met” “things you ate”, “places you went” etc.

Another simple thing to do to keep your journal creative is to include stickers or quick doodles of what you did in the day. This makes it fun to look back on your journey and you have a gorgeous memory keep sake which can be used later to store those memories or for you to look back on.

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