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Ways We’ve Been Using The June Sub Box 2022

by Content Team 09 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Hi everyone! The best part about receiving a subscription box is getting the chance to try new things. That’s why we always try to include some new products, designs, and options every drop.  Sometimes we need a little bit of inspiration on different  ways we can use the goodies found inside! Today I’ll be sharing some ways we’ve been using the subscription box at Archer & Olive! I hope sharing our spreads inspires you to create your own.

 And if you haven't received your box yet, don't worry! You can easily plan out ideas and get excited for your new supplies by reading this blog.


What’s In The June Sub Box?

This time around, the team was inspired by destination vacations and summer aesthetics. We created a box that reflects the spirit of the Amalfi Coast and seaside voyages. When you open your box, we want you to feel transported to faraway paradise. 

Inside the box, you’ll find: 

  • A5 Dot Grid Notebook
  • Traveler’s Notebook
  • Journal Cover
  • Tin Box With Greeting Cards
  • Wax Seal Set
  • Pack Of 5 Acrylograph Pens 
  • Die Cut Stickers
  • Washi Tape

How We’ve Been Using The June Subscription Box

It’s been so fun to play around with all the stunning items found inside this quarter’s box, but I’ve especially enjoyed seeing everything the team at Archer & Olive have made using their box. Take a peek below to get your creative juices flowing!

Recipe Cards

colorful recipe cards made with the scrap paper found in the decorative tin, washi tape, acrylograph pens, and die cut stickers
image of 3 recipe cards for a summer pasta salad, mango sorbet, and grilled peach salad

If you’re looking for new summer dishes to try out this summer, making recipe cards with the items from our sub box is the best way to jot them all down and keep track of what you want to make. We used scrap paper, some washi tape, and the set of acrylograph pens found inside to create adorable recipe cards for summer cocktails or seasonal recipes! 

Memory Box

open decorative tin filled with memorable pictures, movie tickets, and trinkets

Once you’re finished with the greeting cards and scrap paper found inside the decorative tin, it’s the perfect place to store all the memories you’ll be making this summer. Feel free to fill the tin up with pictures and any memorable trinkets that spark joy just like we did. 

Habit Tracker  

pages inside of the yellow vespa notebook that feature a monthly habit tracker and weekly water tracker
pages of the yellow vespa notebook that feature a to-do list, grocery list, meetings, and important dates

The gorgeous A5 vespa dot grid notebook included in this subscription box is an absolute ray of sunshine!! And it’s the perfect journal to use for habit tracking this summer. Feel free to use the habit tracking layouts and to-do lists we came up with as inspiration for your own!  

Get Outside! 

image of an open traveler's notebook, one page features a wellness tracker and the next page features a mental health reminders page
the journal cover on a picnic blanket with a water bottle outside at the park

The stunning traveler’s notebook and the gorgeous vegan leather cover in this subscription box are the perfect excuse to take your journaling outside. Whenever the weather’s bright and sunny near you, we encourage you to spend time at a local park or beach journaling the afternoon away. 

Die-Cut Stickers 

a sticker depicting a summer tote bag full of oranges on a brown notebook

The adorable stickers included in your subscription box aren’t just for journaling! We encourage you to place them all over your laptop, phone case, or even on the cover of your journal. Plus the watercolor effect on the stickers makes for a unique look. 

Washi Tape Art

washi tape art of two women walking on the beach in swimsuits with beach bags

Our amazing Design Team member Jerica created some beautiful washi tape art using the washi tape set from the subscription box! Take a peek at her instagram page here, for more of her incredible work. 

Inspo For Acrylograph Pens

image of a planter, plate, and rock with  floral acrylograph designs all over, and the corresponding acrylograph pens on the side

If you’re feeling stumped on how to use the gorgeous pack of Acrylograph pens included in the box outside of journaling, we’ve got you covered. Check out our blog on fun ways to use Acrylograph pens here

Using The Wax Seal Set

close up of a bronze wax seal featuring a lemon and floral design on an envelope

The wax seal set has been an all-around favorite in the subscription box this quarter! If you’re wondering how to use it, check out a quick demo on our socials here. Feel free to use it to seal the adorable greetings cards inside the decorative tin, or even add a wax seal to your bujo spreads!

We hope you find some inspiration in this blog for using the June subscription box! If you did, remember to tag us at or with #archerandolive on Instagram so we can see your creations! Or even better, we would love for you to share in the Facebook group! (Archer & Olive Community)

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