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Creating a Wind Down Routine (Night Time Routine!) + FREE PRINTABLE

by Guest Blogger 14 Sep 2020 0 Comments
Hey-lo! Marsha here from Do You Salut! If you are working from home or just a busy person you might find it hard to unwind in the evenings after a long day. Having a wind-down routine is a good way to help you decompress and get a good night’s rest. Here is a sample wind-down routine spread idea.

Recommended Supplies:

blackout notebook and notepad  acrylograph pens and gel pens

Pencil and Eraser
CircleStencil or Any rounded edge (like a coffee mug) 
Arcylograph Pens Jewel Collection: 


Step 1: Sketch 

I was inspired by this book to do a moon sleeping on the cloud drawing. The moon looks so comfy on the cloud.

  •  Sketch one large and elongated “C” figure and a slightly smaller “C” to the right of the large “C”.
  • Connect the top and bottom of the moon to form a point.
  • Then draw a cloud on the bottom of the moon.
  • Draw the arm and legs of the moon and draw the face.

Step 2: Color in the Moon and Cloud

sketch of moon getting colored in

Use either the light gray or white color Accylograph pen to color in the moon. Use the light pink marker to color the cloud. You can use the black marker to draw the face.
*Acrylotip: Be sure to shake your pens well before using them. Apply the first layer and wait for it to dry before applying the second and third layers. I find that it is best to be light-handed when applying the color (don’t apply too much pressure when putting the pen to paper).

Step 3: Wind Down Routine

When coming up with a wind-down routine I find it helpful to think about the 5 senses and create your routine around that.
  • Sight: Put your phone on bedtime mode. On bedtime mode, your phone can limit the use of certain apps like Instagram. You can also have your phone on grayscale or nightlight. Did you know that the screens from our electronics can affect our circadian rhythm? The circadian rhythm is your body's internal clock.  
  • Taste: It’s a good idea to brush your teeth and floss every night. Having a minty mouth can help you feel fresh before bed.
  • Touch: Changing into comfy pajamas, having plush pillows, or satin sheets are all great ways to activate your touch senses to help you relax before sleeping.
  • Smell:  Some studies have shown that aromatherapy can help relieve anxiety. Lavender and sage are great scents that are said to help you with better sleep.  
  • Hearing: Having a special bedtime playlist can help you relax in the evenings. Some people like to have ambient sounds or white noise machines to help them relax.


Outside of activating the senses, it is also a good idea to have a list of activities that helps you relax: for example yoga, stretching, journaling, reading, knitting, or even talking to your partner or a friend about how your day went. Another tip is to set a wind-down routine “time” and bedtime. The wind-down routine is the time you start getting ready for bed (for example 10 pm)  and bedtime is the time you are actually in your bed ( for example 11:30 pm)  and hopefully ready to catch those “Zzz”. Once you figure out what you want your routine to be you can write it down on the bottom half of the page under the moon.


Hope you find this sample routine helpful. Here is a printable to help you create your own wind-down routine.

How do you unwind from the hectic days? Share with us your wind-down routines be sure to tag me @doyousalut and @archerandolive. If you are interested in getting A&O supplies to be sure to use the code SALUT10 for 10% off discount!


Until next time,



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