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Winter Digital Border Designs For Your Bullet Journal

by Content Team 06 Nov 2022 1 comment

I’m Quinn from zquinns_art on Instagram, and I have a few winter border themes that will help add a chill to your winter spreads. 

One of the easiest ways to add pizzazz to your journal is through the use of borders, page breaks, toppers, and corners. These help to frame the page and the information on the page in an aesthetically pleasing way without compromising on a theme you may enjoy. These winter borders I’ve created will hopefully give you some ideas of what you can do with your own journal. Whether you use them to inspire you or as a way to decorate your journal, I hope you find these designs helpful for your journaling journey. 

winter borders header


For these drawings, I used Procreate, and for my color palette, I used the Archer and Olive Fall Procreate Palettes. They may be fall colors, but the deep jewel tones work well with winter, too. So, if you want to recreate these designs by hand, you can use the Archer and Olive fall-themed acrylograph markers for a similar color scheme. I used colors from the cool fall, warm fall, bewitched, and spellbind collections! 



pinecone border

I’ve collected so many pinecones over the years. They are just so effortlessly beautiful and scream winter. They make a great addition to any winter spread. 



snowflake border

Of course, you have to have snowflakes when it comes to winter, even if you live somewhere where there is no snow. It’s such a fun thing to doodle and can add easy decor to your journal. If you’re creating them on procreate, make sure to use the drawing guidelines to get those straight lines! The isometric guides are the best for getting the angles just right. 



amaryllis border

The amaryllis is my favorite winter flower. But there are so many others out there that add a floral touch to your spreads: snowdrops, poinsettias, or even camellias!



antlers border

This is something a little different, inspired by some winter decorations I’ve seen pop up over the past few years. For a more rustic spread, maybe add some antlers! There are a wide variety of antlers out there, so get creative. Also, add your favorite winter greenery to add some color. 

You can check out my process of making these border patterns in the video below.

I have also included A5-sized printables for the different border patterns. This way you can print them out to use in your journals, cards, or anything else you wish!  

free winter border printables

As always, feel free to tag me @zquinns_art on Instagram if you recreate these ideas! I’m always excited to see what amazing things you all create. 

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1 comment

30 Jan 2023 Patty Fowler

This are great designs and I was reminded just how simple they can be and look beautiful.

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