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Winter Floral Doodles For Your Bullet Journal

by Guest Blogger 29 Nov 2020 0 Comments

Hi there, I'm Eli Brook from ProductiveStyle.   Today we will be learning to draw three winter florals to add to your planner or bullet journal.

I absolutely love adding lots of fun doodles to my journal pages, and one of my very favorite things to draw are simple florals.   Just because the weather gets colder, it doesn't mean it's time to leave floral doodles behind.   Each of these three beautiful flowers grows in colder climates and can be a great addition to your wintery journal spreads.   


Supplies Used:

Archer and Olive A5 Twin Arrows Dot Grid Notebook

Acrylograph Pens Warm Fall Collection 0.7mm Tip

Acrylograph Pens Cool Fall Collection 0.7mm Tip

Floral Planner Doodles (or the printable below)


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how to draw a snowdrop flower

Step 1:

To start drawing a snowdrop flower, draw two gumdrop-shaped outlines.  These will form the base of the flower stem (the sepal).  

Add stems connecting the tops of the gumdrop-shaped sepals.

Step 2:

Next, add petals falling down from the gumdrops.  These can be very loosely drawn.  Add 2-3 petals per flower, starting with the center and making each one overlapping the center petal.   

Step 3:

Draw creases coming from the base and edges of the petals.  These should contour in the same direction as the petals.  You can also add lines from the area where the stem connects to the sepal downward to show contour.


Winter Aconite

how to draw a winter aconite flower

Step 1:

Start the winter aconite by drawing two roughly oval shapes that will form the largest petal.  Then, add narrow petals on each side of these to form a round central bulb.

Step 2:

Add long rounded leaves coming down from the round center shapes.  Start with the middle leaves and curve leaves slightly more as you work to the left and right.  As leaves get further away, they should overlap more and grow shorter.  Add stems coming from behind the leaves.

Step 3:

Add contour lines to the central petals and a line coming from the base halfway toward the edge of each of the leaves to show depth.


English Primrose

how to draw a winter primrose flower

Step 1:

For the English Primrose, we'll draw two flowers, one open and one closed.   Start by drawing a central squiggle that becomes the stigma and anthers of your open flower.   Then, add five rounded heart shaped petals around the base for an open flower.   

To start the closed flower, draw a more triangular shaped petal with a heart shaped top.   Add a compressed petal on each side.

Step 2:

Next, add stems and leaf outlines to connect the two flowers. 

On the closed flower, add two petals peeking from behind the three already drawn.

Step 3:

Draw contour lines following the shapes of each of the petals starting at the center of the flower on the open flower and the base of the stem on the closed flower.  

Finally, draw thin stripes along the leaves to add depth.


Example Spread

winter flower spread, winter flower bujo, floral bujo spread idea, bujo memory spread, bullet journal memories

Here's an example spread I created using the English Primrose doodle.  To make the spread, I added a set of squares to fill in with doodles or words representing happy memories for the month.   Then, I filled in simple leaf outlines along the edge of each box using Archer & Olive Acrylograph pens.  What I love about these pens is that you can get a smooth uniform color on any paper.  They are great for making subtle decorations or adding in layer after layer of gorgeous color.


Printable Step-by-Step:

Here's a simple printable with a step-by-step for each of these doodles.   I hope you enjoy adding them to your pages and making each drawing your own.   Happy doodling!

If you try out any of these doodles on your own pages, tag Archer & Olive and ProductiveStyle.   We'd love to see your work!


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