Unbound: 12 Days of Creativity Shopping List

This is a list of products used in the 12 Days of Creativity eCourse (launching Cyber Monday, 11/27 at 9am CST). Follow this exact shopping list, or feel free to substitute whatever you have on hand.
Recommended Products for eCourse:
A6 Black Plaid Dot Grid Notebook, A5 Dot Grid Notepad: White, Acrylograph Pens: Sunset Breeze, Calliograph Pens: Autumn Midnight and Sunset Breeze, 0.5mm Fine Tip Writing Pen With Black Gel Ink, 6 Pan Watercolor Set: Primary, Gold-Handled Stationery Scissors, Wooden Alphabet Letter Stamp Set, Deluxe Collage Letter Sticker Set
Washi Tapes: Cheetah, Deer & Field Mouse, Rainbow Sparkle, Ocean Breeze, Sunny Glow, Blush
Sticker Sets: Cheetah, Deer & Field Mouse, Rainbow Sparkle
Optional Products Used in the eCourse:
B5 Dot Grid Neapolitan Notepad, B5 Watercolor Notepad, Calliograph Pens: Retro Road Trip & Autumn Morning, Dot Grid Planner Stencil, Watercolor Travel Palette, Additional Pens, Watercolors, etc.
Other Supplies:
Pencil, Eraser, Ink Pad, Circle Templates (small to trace like bottle caps, etc), Thicker Watercolor Paper, Non-Porous cup or class with circular top, Paper Towel, Water

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