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How to Start Your Fitness and Wellness Journal Today!

by Ambassador Team 18 May 2024 0 Comments

Exciting or intimidating ? We have all been there, right? Let’s not overthink and give this a try and that’s what I did and I am certain you can too! I want to help you and myself, with some simple ways to start this new and healthy journey. To begin with, the main focus is to have a more active and healthy lifestyle . You can make changes according to your needs.

Hello creative friends, I am Naina, also known as @twitcherwrites on social media and an ambassador team member for Archer & Olive, @archerandolive .

Here's some inspiration, printable and ideas to get you started. Starting a new fitness and wellness journal together, planning a full week of workouts, meals and healthy habits. It is a good start to track your progress and achieve your fitness goals. Starting a habit is not always easy and for me personally healthy habits can be a bit of a challenge with a busy lifestyle, and I am sure it is no different for you, as we are all busy and lack prioritising our health and what we eat. These simple layouts will help you with a great start, tracking those habits. Daily logging helps you to be more mindful, identify patterns and be accountable.

What you will need - (supplies can vary depending upon your style but some basics are listed below)

  1. A journal (any size of your preference)
  2. Washi Tapes/Stickers
  3. Markers/Pens
  4. Printable Trackers (Included in this blog)

I started my journal by sticking this motivating printable I created, for everyday inspiration. A good reminder to come back to. Keeping track of exercising and eating can be a bit challenging in the beginning but “Remember why you started!” and hold on to that thought.

Motivational quote to start journaling

Before we start with our next page, just keep in mind - Progress beyond the numbers is also progress. I sketched out a very simple layout for weight tracking, mine is weekly, but if it's too much for you, you can also do a monthly log and replace weeks with months. Make changes according to your needs. For me, I do not want any sudden weight loss but something very consistent and healthy which can take time but also be mindful of my slow progress and embrace it. To be honest I don't see any significant changes every week but this helps me be more aware of what I eat during the week and how I feel and not stress too much about it.

Weight tracker

Next we have one of my favourite pages from the journal: Weekly meal plan!

I have divided each day with four sections: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. The weekly “date header” will be empty for you to fill in, on the printable. Extra space for notes or your grocery list for the week. This is super useful for me as I am already using my journal and I am hoping it will be for you as well. Meal planning took a massive part of my day or even not ending up knowing at the dinner time,  what do we make for dinner. Planning meals ahead gave me such a piece of mind and also balanced nutrients throughout the week. I highly recommend adding this to your fitness journal. 

Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly workouts.

Recording your workouts, for example which exercises you did, duration of the workout, how much weights you are currently using or how many reps you are able to do can be so beneficial for your future growth. And it also helps you identify some problem areas and you can keep track of those too to avoid any future discomforts. Being specific in writing what you did and how much you did can help you grow consistently. Also remember to take healthy breaks during the week. Celebrate the small wins, no matter how small they are.

Workout plan

Lastly, I want to add that I always finish a workout day with a reflections page, where I write how I feel and reflect on everything I have been doing for my physical well being. Again, a great way to track not only your physical but also your mental well being. So remember to do that “Check-In” with yourself. I hope I inspired you to start your health and wellness journal. And this  journal should help you the way you want to, so plan things according to your needs and have fun while you do that. 

Make sure to tag us if you found today’s blog helpful, @archerandolive and use the following hashtags so that we can see your beautiful creations, #AOShare and #archerandolive. 

Related YOUTUBE video linked below if you want to see me creating the above shared spreads.

Download Printable Here !

free printable

Thank you so much for stopping by today. See you next time with more creative and helpful Ideas.

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