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12 Kraft Paper Bullet Journal Spreads to Inspire You

by Guest Blogger 15 Apr 2021 1 comment

Kraft Paper is a wonderful medium to draw, bullet journal, and create on because of its rich brown color. It's a perfect spot in between the bright white paper and blackout styles that Archer and Olive has in their collections. 

Hey crew, it’s Mark from @Menwhobullet on Instagram and Youtube

In todays blog post, I wanted to share 12 of my favorite spreads and collections that I have created using kraft paper.

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1. Swatch Page

One of my favorite types of pages in a new notebook is a swatch page. This helps me know what a certain type of pen, marker, color, or material will look like on my pages. Be cause of the rich brown color of the kraft paper, it can change the way certain colors look. For instance, highlighters don't look as bright on the kraft paper and actually turn them into a wonderful addition to my page designs.

kraft paper swatch


2. Bills Collection Page

You will see a lot of black and white pages from me because i think that black and white ink (or gel pens) really stand out on kraft paper pages. This one is especially fun because using only 3 items, Black ink, White ink, light gray marker, you can create a really cool looking 3-D effect on your pages. The brown paper really helps give the page the pop it needs to make the effect stand out.

bills collection page

3. Memory Page

Of all of the work i've done in my kraft journals, this memory page is one of my favorites. First, as I mentioned before, the black and white ink just stands out wonderfully against the kraft paper. But this one is also special because it perfectly captured a month at a glance. I brought out a little bit of work, music, travel, quote, and special events from that month. 

Memory Page

4. Monthly Page Cover

Much like pen ink, stamp ink also really stands out on kraft paper well. Some of my faovite "mistakes" are when the ink doesn't fully lay on the page and you get that cool vintage feel. The brown kraft paper helps accentuate the look and make even small imperfections looks stunning.

Monthly Cover Page


5. Weekly Spread

One of my other favorite things about kraft paper is that it lets be use white gel pens without having to alway add them on top of other colors. The white ink stands our so well on the brown kraft paper that you really could do a spread all on it's own and still be able to see what is one your page. In this spread, I added a strong lined pattern to my daily notes sections.

Weekly Spread with White gel pen


6.Weekly Spread with Acrylograph Pens

I would be remiss if I didn't also add how wonderfully Acrylograph colors look on Kraft paper as well. In this weekly spread I used the colors from the March subscription box mixed with the spectacular stamps that were included in that set as well. The opaque colors of the Acrylograph pens really add a new level to the pages and the floral stamps add an element of class to the page without the need to know how to draw.

Acrylograph Color weekly spread


7. Doodle Page

All you need a black pen and a gray marker and you can create some really fun monotone doodles and some elevation to really make the page come to life. I love using my Kraft Paper journals for fun doodle challenges and sketches. It makes my art work look even cooler.

Doodle page


8. Growth Tracker

Two of my favorite things to add to my bullet journals are growth trackers and patterns. So, when i need to think of a quick go-to spread to track follower or subscriber growth, patterns are the way to go! This tracker helps you break down your followers into fun chunks, tacking 25 at a time and leading up to your next big milestone.  very 25 new additions to your tacking goal get a patterned start. When you complete your page, not only do you have a running record of your growth, but you also have a really fun collection page of pattern ideas.

Star Growth tracker with black and white ink


9. Faux Dutch Door

Since I love my kraft paper so much, I could not imagine cutting any of it out! Which makes it hard if you want to try a dutch door. So I came up with a solution by adding a fold to the page. This allows for some fun interactivity with my spread with hidden space for trackers and extra notes.

Faux Dutch Door Spread


10. Gift Tracker

This is a spread that I created for over the holidays, but it could be one that you use throughout the year to keep a record of who you have sent items to. The dot grids of these kraft paper notebooks make setting up your tables really easy, and because of all the great things we mentioned so far about kraft paper and color, you can add some really nice lettering or illustrations to make your page a fun as sending, or getting, presents in the mail.

Gift tracker


11. White Stamp Ink on Kraft Paper

Before I received my first Kraft paper journal, I never knew that white ink was a think. I know that's probably off, but it wasn't until recently that I really got into stamping in my journals. Because of how wonderful the white gel pens looked, I just had to try out stamping with more than just black ink. This is a really simple weekly spread that uses the top and bottom of the page with space for headers, and this case stamps, to decorate the center of the page. Something a littler different with plenty of space to be productive.

White Stamp Ink on Kraft paper


12.Takeout Menu

If you are an avid reader of the Archer and Olive blog, this recent post of mine may look familiar. In this spread I created a collections page to track the restaurants that my wife and I have been ordering from. It's like our over little version of a ratings app. I've been jotting down the name of the restaurant, rating it with stars, and also adding some of the items we got that we liked. It's a fun page to refer back to whenever we are in the mood for takeout.

Take out menu collections page


This printable can help you make your own Kraft spreads!

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1 comment

25 Aug 2022 Kris Timmermeyer-Rice

I love the simplicity of these layouts!! They are beautiful and useful without having to spend hours to set them up!!

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