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13 Fun Tutorials To Help You Fall In Love With Fall! + FREE October Monthly Calendar Printable

by Nicola Knobel 29 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Fall is such a fun time, as we watch the seasons changing and create a gorgeous focus on change within ourselves too! What a great opportunity to round up our favorite Design Team bullet journal blog posts with fall themes!

If you havent already seen our amazing fall collection, check it out right now here

Creating Amazing Bullet Journal Cover Pages

Liz from @thegraytergood creates an amazing cover page for her bullet journal!

Using delightful florals in her notebook, Liz creates a simple vibe for fall that really invites you to open the pages!


Adrienne from @studio80design shares a tutorial on how you can create a fall leaf cover page 

fall leaf cover page


Create a negative space fall cover page, this is a really creative way to do something easy (perfect for beginners) but really fun way to welcome fall into your notebook! 

Negative space fall

Sarah from By Sarah Eliz on Instagram walking us through how to create two spreads to welcome the changing seasons: one to welcome Autumn for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and the other to welcome Spring for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere.

Fall doodle cover

Drawing and doodle tutorials for your notebook or journals

Some great ways to add art to your notebook is by fully utalising the 160gsm paper and adding gorgeous doodles or watercolor to your notebook. Its a really simple way to add additional creativity which may help motivate you to use your notebook daily!

Adrienne from @studio80design shares a tutorial on how to create a fall leaf watercolor illustration

fall leaves

@erinflotodesigns shows you how to add fall doodles to your notebook or planner! These are such a simple addition to your weeklies or monthly notebook spreads!

fall doodles

Adrienne from @studio80design shares a tutorial on how to create a fall foliage circle watercolor illustration

watercolor fall

Robin shares some great ways to create simple warm and fall themed doodles and illustrations

fall doodles

Mark from @Menwhobullet on Instagram shows us how fun Fall and Autumn can for creative planning with these cute pumpkin doodles to use in your weekly spreads!

pumpkin spread

Creative fall gifts for others

Creating Fall cards with Robin, is such a fun way to spread some joyful fun! Give this wee cards as kind things to teachers, front line workers, or anyone that needs a little extra special gift!

fall holiday cards

Creative List ideas for your bullet journal

Elizabeth from Plant Based Bride shares the steps to make this Fall Gratitude Spread in your Bullet Journal! Creating a gratitude journal helps with your mental health as you head into the colder months!

fall gratitude list

Kate from @journalwithkate shows you how to create an easy and fun Fall Bucket List!

fall bucket list

Masha from Masha Plans here shows how to create another fun fall bucket list!

fall bucket list

Finally, make sure to grab your free monthly calendar this month! We hope you have fun planning out your month!

free monthly calendar printable

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