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How To Create A Bullet Journal Date Night Ideas Spread + 18 Date Night Ideas!

by Design Team 28 Sep 2021 0 Comments

If you’re anything like me, you have to put thoughts and ideas onto paper in order to get things done! That’s how bullet journaling tremendously changed my life. Life can get so busy that we tend to forget to actually enjoy life. By jotting down ideas I actually remember to do the thing I love to do. That’s where my bullet journal comes in. I often forget to carve out time for date nights. Therefore I decided to dedicate a spread to date night ideas. Ready for some inspo for a simple Date Night Ideas spread? Then this blog post is for you! Hi! It’s Kate from @journalwithkate on Instagram and today I’m here to share some date night ideas!


 Recommended supplies

    • Archer and Olive Notebook: Here I'm using the gorgeous A5 red notebook from the Valentines box. It's bigger than the usual A5. Perfect if you find yourself needing more space. Isn’t this notebook perfectly suited for this topic? Click on this link or use code KATE10 to save money on your order! These notebooks are perfect if you’re looking for pages that don’t ghost or bleed! 
    • Pencil and eraser: I start nearly every spread by sketching the design with a pencil. 
    • Archer and Olive Acrylograph pen: 0.7mm Red from the Primary collection.
    • Simply Gilded washi tape
  • Stencil: Bullet Journal Stencil.
  • Stickers: from the Valentine Sub Box. 

    Getting started

    This is another super easy but aesthetically pleasing spread to recreate. Start by drawing the border. I've used finliners in the sizes 0.05 and 0.8 mm for this. 

    Next up is adding the washi border. For this spread I’ve used the Simply Gilded washi tape from their Christmas collection. Don’t you just love how the washi border adds an extra umph to this spread?!

    For the faux calligraphy I used the Red Acrylograph pen from the Primary Collection. Did you know that you can pick up individual Acrylograph pens?!

    date night ideas spread

    I’ve used the Pigma Micron PN pen to write down the ideas. Lastly I used heart stickers as a finishing touch. And voila, we’re done! 

    date night spread

    If you want to see a timelapse of how I created the Date Night Ideas spread, watch this video:  

    I had so much fun creating this spread! I especially love the extra touch by adding the washi tape. 

    date night ideas

    I hope you find this blog post helpful and you’ll start creating your own Date Night Ideas spread. Download your free printable and get started today!

    printable download

    I’d love to see what you create and what your spread looks like. Use the hashtag #archerandolive or #archerandolivecommunity. Don’t forget to tag me on @journalwithkate and @archerandolive so we can see your work. Have fun!

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