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The Archer and Olive 2021 Holiday Gift Guide For Journalers, Creatives and Planners

by Design Team 05 Nov 2021 0 Comments

Holiday season is arriving, and it's time to start thinking about what to get for the loved ones in your life (especially with how shipping has been this year!). Notebooks and stationery are my favorite gifts to give. This is because I truly believe that everyone can find use in a notebook, whether it be for journaling, notes, memory keeping or even just weekly shopping lists! And for the creative people in your life, getting them a high quality, luxury notebook is something super thoughtful they will absolutely get use out of.

Here at Archer and Olive, one of the biggest questions we get is "What do you think I should get for my brother/mother/friend", so this year we're hoping to answer all these questions right here!


Gifts For Beginners

Buying for someone looking to start journaling or art? We have bundled together the perfect starter kit that contains a notebook, pen collection and accessory. You even get to pick the notebook size they will receive, but everything else is a surprise. Find it here:

holiday bundle


Gifts That Keep On Giving

Looking to really treat that special person (or yourself!)? The quarterly subscription box ships every three months, filled with unique products all intended to get you creating. Want to know more, see the subscription box here:

subscription box

We even have some September subscription boxes still in stock to ensure you get your first box for Christmas, just make sure to purchase before December 1st. After that we move to the December box, where the price will increase to $75 and we cannot guarantee it will arrive in time for the holidays (especially international!)


Gifts For Students

The first thing we recommend for students is a B5 notebook. B5 is our largest size, and we find students usually love that extra space to plan. See all the designs here!

b5 notebooks

Another amazing tool for note taking and planning are our Calliograph Pens. They have dual nibs, making them perfect for writing, fun headers, highlighting and more. The student in your life can have some fun with color as the study! And we all know pretty notes make studying much more interesting! See our sets here:

calliograph pens


Gifts For Planners

Know someone wanting to get a bit more organized next year, but prefers a set out planner or doesn't have the time to entirely make their own layouts? Then this Planner Bundle is PERFECT for them! It includes stickers of the full year and preset layouts sure to keep them on track. Grab it here:

galaxy planner bundle 

If they need help setting up or coming up with some ideas on how to personalise it, check out this amazing blog and video by our Design Team Member here.

Nothing makes a planner set up easier than stamps. Find lots of different sets, from day of the week headers to animals for decoration:

archer and olive stamps

Or even check out other Stickers and Washi Tape you think they may love!

Washi Tape


Gifts For Digital Planners

Is the loved one in your life planning digitally now? Thankfully we have everything they need to personalise their digital planner!

calendar stamps

First up, they're going to need to calendars and headers to make their digital planning process much quicker.

header stamps

But digital planning can definitely be personalized too! Check out our fun color palettes and decorative brushes here:

procreate color palette

If you're worried about how to get these gifts to the intended person, reach out to and they can help 💕


Gifts For Artisits

Looking to buy for an artist in your life? Then you're in the right place. We have everything they need to get creative, and maybe even try something new!

First up, we have a stunning sketchbook, made in collaboration with Pypah's Art. These 160gsm blank notebook pages will give the artist in your life a lovely fresh spread each time they turn the page. Find the bundle here:

 pupae collaboration

We also have sketchbooks in other sizes, see them all here:


Another great tool for artists are our Acrylograph Pens. They're created to be opaque (even on black paper) and bendable, just like paint but in a convenient (less messy) way. Check out all the collections here:

Acrylograph Pens 


Gifts For Digital Artists

Does your loved one like to create digitally? Well we have some great tools for them too!

We have lots of amazing digital procreate stamps to help them with their creations. This way they can add florals to their creations with ease! See them here:

floral stamps


You can even pick up this stunning watercolor digital brush for free!

watercolor brush


Gifts For Journalers

If you know someone who's a keen journaler, we have something they may love. The &YOU bundle was launched a little while ago, and it contains a notebook, and a free month of personalized journaling prompts. See more here:

&you bundle



Gifts For Her

We're strong believers that all genders can use any tool/color they wish, but we do get asked this a lot so we've included a section for something we think may be more catered to someone looking for more stereotypically feminine or masculine.

First up, an amazing collaboration with the talented PinkBits really celebrates all things femininity and body positivity.

pinkbits notebook 

The bundle includes a notebook, tote bag and self care stickers, with a true focus on journaling for your mental health. The perfect gift for anyone looking to spend more time on themselves! See it here:

tote bag

Want something more personalized? Check out our new personalized notebooks. Get their name hand stamped on the notebook to really make this a special gift.

personalized notebook



Gifts For Him

One benefit of men's clothing is their pockets. Therefore, a great gift idea is our B6 notebooks.

 b6 notebook

They're our smallest size, perfect for taking out and about, and will surely fit into a coat or jumper pocket so it's always to hand!

Or, pick up something truly just for them. A personalized notebook with their name. Sure to make them feel special!

personalized notebook


Something EVERYONE Will Appreciate

We all need to jot things down by our computers or even of all when we wake up in the night with an amazing idea (or something you've forgotten!). Keep this notepad in that spot to jot down your notes. Perfect for lists as the perforated pages can easily tear away, or creatives and planners can use the extra pages in their notebooks. Truly a gift I believe can be appreciated by everyone! Find the notepads here:



I hope this guide helped you pick out some gifts for your loved one this holiday period. Make sure to join the community at @archerandolive / on Instagram and Archer and Olive Community on Facebook!

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