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Simple Planner Monthly Set Up | Including 10+ Useful Bullet Journal Ideas For The Blank Spreads

by Design Team 27 Oct 2021 0 Comments

Hi Friends!  Its Rose here from @littlemissrose on Instagram and YouTube .  I’m so excited to share with you how I set up my Archer & Olive Planner for the month!  This planner monthly set up will include a monthly cover page, monthly calendar/monthly log, and a simple weekly spread and a bullet journal habit tracker! I also include lots of bullet journal spread ideas for the blank pages in each month.

planner supplies

Here’s what you’ll need to set up your planner for the month:

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If you want to watch how I set up my Archer & Olive planner for the month, you can watch it here:

Monthly Planner Cover Page:

I always like to introduce a new month in my planner with a monthly cover page.  I use the first empty dot grid page before the monthly calendar.  

For this month, I chose to use the new Calliograph pens to hand letter the month of November onto a piece of kraft paper from the neapolitan notepad.  I cut this out and stuck it to my cover page.  If you haven't mastered brush lettering yet you can check out this helpful post here.  But you don’t have to hand letter - you can use stamps or stickers as well.

I finished off decorating the page using washi tape and stamps, focusing on a simple colour scheme of blue and green.

planner cover page


Monthly Habit Tracker:

On the next empty dot grid page in the Archer & Olive Planner, I like to create a monthly habit tracker.  My favourite habit tracker layout is to select 6-8 habits and then create wee mini calendars for each habit.  Each day as I complete a habit I will colour in the corresponding square.

planner habit tracker

Again I have done a simple heading with the calliograph, adding a drop shadow detail with a fineliner, and decorated the page using acrylic stamps.

If you want to track more habits than this, you should try this large full page tracker created by Bonnie.  

Planner Monthly Log Set-up

Since the monthly log/calendar in the Archer & Olive planner is already set up for us, all we have to do is decorate it!  I’m from NZ, and we like to start our calendars on a Monday.  So to get around the Sunday start in the planner, I simply white out the days of the week and then cover with washi tape.  Pro-tip:  Using white out first prevents the text from being seen through the washi tape.  I can then use stickers to label the days of the week on my calendar, I’ve also used stickers to number the days as well.

monthly log set up

Since there is a whole row of extra squares at the bottom of the calendar, I’ve torn some kraft pages from the neapolitan notepad to cover them and decorated with more stickers.  Any empty squares can be coloured in, filled with doodles or quotes - let your creativity shine!

Planner Weekly Set-up

The weekly pages in the Archer & Olive planner are the simplest to set up.  You can simply use as is, or you can decorate with washi tape and stickers as I have.  A really effective way of decorating the pages is to layer stickers in the middle of the double page spread.  Add some week day stickers (these are from the Fall Planner set) and you’re done!  I’ve also decided to change the “Notes” box to a “Highlight of the Week” which I’ll fill out at the end of the week.  For more ideas on how to decorate a weekly spread, check out this post here.

weekly set up idea

Ideas on what to include on your blank pages

Since there are only a couple of blank dot grid pages per month in the Archer & Olive Planner, you may want to assess what is most important to you in your monthly planner set up before you begin.  This way you can narrow it down to 1 or 2 things you want to include in this limited space.

Here are some ideas for your blank pages:

Quote Page

Maybe to set your intentions for the month you'll want to letter your favourite quote:

bullet journal quote page

See the full blog here!


Gratitude Log

Another great idea is a gratitude log:

gratitude log

See how to create it here!


Reading Log or Book Tracker

reading log

See this blog to see how to create your own!


Self-Care Tracker

We should all be putting a priority on self care! So why not create a tracker to tick off when you do something for you. You can even use these doodles as inspirarion:

self care doodles


Doodles Page

Why not have a page for all your random doodles!? See more here:

cat doodles inspiration


Brain Dump

A page to gather all those random thoughts you might have. See the blog here:

brain dump


Spending Log

I place to track all your expenses for the month!

spending log


Meal Log

Somewhere to record and track all your meals!

 meal log



Mood Tracker

Another great thing to track - your mood! Learn how to create a cute page to track your mood here:

bullet journal mood tracker


Fitness Tracker

If you would like to track what, when and how much you exercise, see this blog:

bullet journal exercise layouts


Want to remember all these ideas? Grab your free blank page ideas here:

spread ideas


I hope this post has been useful in helping you set up your Archer & Olive planner!  Tag me @littlemissrose and @archerandolive to share your inspiration with us!

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