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2021 Power Playlist + Free Printable

by Guest Blogger 25 Jan 2021 2 Comments

I love music and I really enjoy putting together playlists. Each month I like to create a playlist collection of my top favorite songs. This is so fun to look back on and see what I was listening to when I review through my journals in the future. Each year, a lot of people pick words of the year. These mantras that help carry them through the year. So I thought, let's mix these two things and create a Power Playlist of awesome songs for 2021.

I asked many of my followers on Instagram what song pumps them up and gets them excited. So today we are going to design this power playlist collection in our bullet journal.



- Archer & Olive Neapolitan Notebook

- Acrylograph Pens

- Pencils

- Fineliners


Step 1

Let's set up our page with the number of songs that we want to remember. For this page, we are going to create a double page spread that will fit 12 songs total. Each page will have six playlist song rectangles. Here is the size I used to make the playlist boxes. Start at the bottom of your page leaving one space between each in the row, and two spaces between the bottom and top boxes.

Each notebook and spacing might be different  I set this up in an A5 journal .


Step 2

Once you have your boxes laid out, your next step is going to be outlining your pencil with a fineliner. 

Step 3 

For the header of this page, I used a 3mm black Acrylograph pen. This proved me with a nice large space to come back in with the smaller .7mm pen. This one is the silver chrome pen from the first Subscription box  you can use which ever color you’d like  

Step 4

Once you make your list of your favorite songs, you can do a few things to decorate  you can print out small images of your fav songs to glue in, draw your own cover, or like I did here, just add some color.


Once all of your playlist boxes are filled in, write in your favorite songs.


Here’s the awesome power plaits songs I got from my Instagram followers:

  • Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
  • I Just Want To Be Happy - Kirk Franklin
  • Sweetie Odo - Juls
  • Another One Bites The Dust - Queen
  • Thunder - Imagine Dragons
  • It's My Life - Bon Jovi
  • Far From Over - Stallone
  • Who Run The World - Beyonce
  • Dream On - Aerosmith
  •  High Hopes - Panic! At The Disco
  • Happy - Pharrell
  • Love Not War - Jason Derulo x Nuka
  • Sky Scrapper - Demo Lovato
  • I Feel Good - James Brown
  • Ben Franklin's Song - The Decemberists
  • Blue Monday - Sebastian Böhm
  • So What - P!nk
  • Level Up - Ciara
  • Not Today - BTS
  • Unstoppable - Red

Be sure to checkout some of these awesome power songs that help others in the journal and planner community feel empowered and pumped to take on anything that is thrown their way. Music is a powerful tool to use and I hope that this power playlist is exactly what you can use to power into 2021.

Grab the free printable here

-Mark || @MenWhoBullet

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28 Apr 2021 Rachel

The only thing that would make this better is using a shade of purple for the BTS song. ;) However that aside, I really love this idea and I’ve see it. I like the idea of using blocks of color instead of the album art and I’m thinking of trying to find a way to incorporate the Spotify code so it can just be scanned in.

28 Apr 2021 Anya

I just realized you had a BTS song in there! :)) are you an ARMY?

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