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How To Create A Summer Bucket List - With 15 Fun Ideas!

by Ambassador Team 18 May 2023 0 Comments

Hello everyone!, Caroline here from carolineace_bujo. As summer is approaching it is time to get in a bright mood, celebrating the warm weather and making memories during the sunny months that gives us a boost of energy and vitamin D! So today I am sharing with you a creative Summer 2023 bucket list! I have compiled a list of trendy activities of different kinds including journal related themes for you to enjoy this summer, and for fun I will show how to make a cute summer bucket list spread with these ideas on your bullet journal, so make sure to add some of these on your summer to do’s. 

Summer Bucket List on Bujo

To get into the warm weather mood, the first thing I want to do this summer is to create a  bucket list on my bujo to keep track of all the summer related activities that I want to do this year (you can do this on a sheet of paper or any notebook), which we will be doing today! (yay for tackling one of our items off the list)

To create this spread you’ll need the following simple supplies:

  1. Your bujo (or notebook of choice) -I’m using my archerandolive A5 notebook for this.
  2. Some Summer colored pens -I'll be using both acrylograph and calliographs pens in brighter colors such as orange, pink, blue and green.
  3. A list of summer activities -refer to the list I’m providing ( you can also grab the free printable down below for you to have a copy on hand)
Summer Bucket List Spread Supplies


The list:

  1. Create a Summer Bucket list 
  2. Doodle Summer Icons
  3. Enjoy breakfast at the beach
  4. Make a summer mood board
  5. Read a summer themed book
  6. Make a Summer theme monthly cover 
  7. Use bright color acrylograph pens to paint your nails
  8. Have a barbeque at the park
  9. Write a Journal entry of your favorite family summer tradition
  10. Have a fruity picnic and home made lemonade
  11. Create a summer themed collage
  12. Do a camping night in your backyard
  13. Try rollerblade/Skate/ or ride a bike while watching the sunset.
  14. Journal near the lake 
  15. Watch Summer theme movies.

Making the spread:

Using a mixture of colors I will create a header called “summer bucket list”, then I will doodle some simple summer icons ( doodling summer icons is also another one of my summer to do’s! It's definitely getting us into a summer mood already!) and finally I will add my summer to do’s, I like to write them with different fonts and all around the page to make it more exciting!

Close Up of Summer Bucket List Spread

If you want a more detailed version of me creating my summer bucket list please watch the video:

For more summer ideas check out this blog on 18 + summer list ideas

Free Printable


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