3 Easy Ideas to Decorate the Inside Cover of your Bullet Journal

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Hi loves! It's Kate from @journalwithkate. It has been a while since I last written a blog in English. I've been writing blogposts in Dutch for our Dutch readers but I'm back with some inspiration for decorating the inside cover of your bullet journal! In this blogpost I will show you three easy to follow ways to decorate the inside cover of your bullet journal using washi tape, Acrylograph pens, stamps and stickers. If this is something that peaks your interest, keep on reading! 


Recommended Bullet Journaling Supplies:

  • Archer and Olive Notebook:  I've used three notebooks to show you the different ways to decorate your inside cover. The first one is the A5 Dot Grid notebook from the Mermaid sub box (sub box no. 1). The second one is the A5 Moon Flowers notebook with gold edges. And last but certainly not least is the beautiful A5 Dot Grid notebook from the Valentines Box. Click on this link or use code KATE10 to save money on your order! These notebooks are perfect if you’re looking for pages that don’t ghost or bleed! 
  • Pencil and eraser:  For the patterned design I've used a pencil to sketch out the pattern I wanted. 
  • Decoration: I've used washi tape, Acrylograph pens, stamps and stickers to decorate!


Washi tape 

The first way to decorate the inside cover of your bullet journal is my favorite and super easy to do! Just cover the inside cover with washi in diagonal lines. Here I've used a mixture of The Future is Bright and the Over the Rainbow washi tape set. These sets were made in collaboration with @myinner.creative on Instagram and can I just say that she KILLED it with these designs!! I absolutely love how this one turned out. Just looking at this spread makes my soul happy. 

Acrylograph pens

Another fun way to decorate your inside cover is to make a pattern using your Acrylograph pens. I found the inspo for this pattern on Pinterest. The rest is self explanatory. I started off with sketching the pattern with a pencil and randomly colored in the shapes with three Acrylograph colors and leaving some shapes white. I finished it off by outlining with the gold Acrylograph. Did you know that you can purchase individual Acrylograph pens now?!

I know I already said that I love how the first design with the washi tape turned out, but I'm really digging this outcome too! 

Stamps & stickers

Last but not least is decorating your inside cover using stamps and stickers! I enjoyed this one so much! I used the stamps from the March Subscription box and colored the leaves over with some Acrylograph pens from the Valentine box. Lastly I used stickers from the Valentine box to spice it up. I was done within minutes! 


I've shown you three easy and fun ideas to spice up the inside cover of your bullet journal. I hope you find this blogpost helpful and you'll start decorating your inside covers! I'd love to see what you create, so tag me (@journalwithkate) and @archerandolive on Instagram. 

Good luck and have fun! 



  • These are great ideas! Very clever doing each one with a different mood altogether. Love it!

    Patty on

  • I love this ideas thanks for showing It Kate I will be using one in my new journal.

    Samantha Boom on

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