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The Best Art Supplies For Kraft Paper + Acrylograph Swatches

by Nabaa Afridi 20 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Hello friends! It’s Nabaa from the Archer and Olive Design Team! Today I'm excited to share swatches of some commonly used art supplies as well as the Acrylographs on the Kraft pages by Archer & Olive! I tried to use supplies that best work with the Kraft pages so you have a great reference point if you’re new to this type of paper :)

Here’s a quick list of everything I used in the image above!

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Archer and Olive Acrylographs

The Acrylographs from Archer and Olive, if you haven’t tried them, are a deliciously smooth set of paint pens! This is what they look like on Kraft paper:

The Acrylograph pens are made using water-based acrylic ink that is opaque and smooth when dry! This makes them perfect for use on all kinds of paper - from white, black, and kraft to virtually any other colour. They also layer perfectly! Here’s an example: 

Gelly Rolls

The Sakura Gelly Rolls are a great tool if you're looking for pens to write with - they are not the best for filling in large areas but the 06 fine point size offered by Sakura works great for writing and small doodles!

Metallic Tools

I found that all the metallic pens I tried worked brilliantly with the kraft paper! Both the Gelly Roll and the Kuretake Gold watercolour performed well and are perfect for adding a pop of shine to your page!


And last but not the least, paints are another great option to use on kraft paper notebooks! This swatch page includes swatches of Gouache and watercolour paints - I was able to use both with zero ghosting or bleeding issues! Acrylic paints work well too :) 

I hope this has been helpful in helping you decide what will work best for you when using your kraft notebook :) 

Remember that you can use my affiliate WHIMSCIAL10 for a discount on any Archer and Olive products! 💛🥰

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