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3 Ways To Use Mixed Media In Your Art Journal

by Ambassador Team 26 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Hi, @ConfidentCanvas here, and today I am going to share with you 3 different ways to use mixed media in your journaling. Have you ever wanted to create with more than just a pencil or pen in your journal but weren’t sure what to do? Are you afraid of using mixed media materials, like acrylic paint, in your journal? Do you want to create beautiful masterpieces of art in addition to journaling and planning in your journals? Using mixed media will be a great way to accomplish all of these!

What is Mixed Media?

Hey y’all, heeeyyyy! It’s LaQuisha, also known as Confident Canvas on social media and I love mixed media art. In visual art, mixed media describes artwork in which more than one medium or material has been employed. The materials can vary; I often use paints (watercolor and acrylic), paper pieces torn from other books or scrapbooking papers, ephemera, stickers, texture paste I have used journals to paint, rip paper, collage, spray, glue and anything else you can think of. I love the look of mixed media and the texture it provides.

Mixed Media Art by Confident Canvas

The more colors and layers of various materials, the better. Although, I will warn you: your journal could get chunky. But who doesn’t love a filled, chunky journal that forces you to use the elastic band to keep it closed? Art journaling is a mind-freeing, expressive activity that we all should have the pleasure of experiencing. May the following strategies be the catalyst to creating your own mixed media (chunky or not) art journal!


Supplies For A Mixed Media Journal

To fulfill your mixed media journaling needs, I use the items on the list below but please note that there is much more you can use and do to push your creativity! Please shop Archer and Olive using my code Queen for 10% off of your order—don’t forget this at checkout!

I am a teacher so I am aware that some of you might think to yourselves, “I need to see this!” Check out this quick video that showcases 3 different ways you can infuse mixed media into your journaling and gain some ideas and inspiration!


3 Ways to Create Mixed Media in Your Journal

First, remember that any variety of mediums used on one spread is mixing your media—you can do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. The following 3 ideas are not limited to these specific types and can certainly be extended beyond these suggestions.

1. Create directly in your journal. It might be daunting to paint in your beautiful notebook, but by adding paint and then other mediums on top of the paint, you will create even more beauty. Try using the edge of an old gift card to scrape acrylic paint onto a page—the paint will dry quickly. Once dry, add pieces of torn paper and a few dark splatters. Finish the spread with an image from your day or piece of ephemera that showcases the mood of your day. Use an ink pen to journal or write over the acrylic paint.Mixed Media directly on page by Confident Canvas

2. Create externally, then adhere to your journal. Maybe you are not feeling it yet to paint inside your book. Try painting on scraps of papers you have lying around. Add a variety of colors; consider crumbling and unfolding the paper after the paint dries. Use double sided adhesive, glue or stapler to add this piece of color paper to your journal page. Add more layers on top of the piece of paper: images from the day, ephemera, stickers, etc. Finish the spread with words or text that depict how you feel directly over the image.Mixed Media added to page by Confident CanvasMixed Media added to page by Confident CanvasMixed Media added to page by Confident Canvas3. Create collages with different pieces. I love a journal filled with collage pages! Using stamps and stencils, create a background to frame your focal point. Layer stickers, labels, doilies and other other pretty pieces you have on top of our stamped background (be sure some of it is still peeking out from behind). Finish the spread with a image to represent you: a sticker doll, animal, or simply words/text.Mixed Media collage by Confident CanvasMixed Media collage by Confident Canvas

Try Mixed Media in Your Journal Today!  

I have used mixed media in journaling a lot and for a long time—it is almost an expectation that my journal is going to be painted, glued and stapled in when I pull a fresh one out of an Archer & Olive box! Please know that you should modify this to fit your needs. Whatever you decide, the goal is to be creative and innovative. Jump into your journal and get to painting and layering now that you have these strategies! I have included a printable sticker doll (hand drawn by me) to support you in your journey.

free character printable

I would love to see what you do! Tag me @confidentcanvas, and @archerandolive on Instagram, so that we can cheer you on!

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