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3 Yoga Tracker Spread Ideas

by Guest Blogger 11 Aug 2020 0 Comments

Hey-lo! It’s Marsha from Do You Salut! With 2020 feeling like its a chapter from the Hunger Games or Harry Potter series it’s important for us to take time out every day to practice self-care. Yoga is a great way to help destress and be physically active. Here are three yoga tracker ideas to get you started on your path to mindfulness.

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Yoga Fills Me Up

Yogi stencil outline


Step One: 

Place handmade yoga stencil in the center of the page. Draw the outline of the pose with a pencil.


Step Two:

Using your stencils write out your title on the top of the page. You can use the title, “YOGA TRACKER” or the month, or even a quote.

Yoga title

Step Three:

Draw the outline with the 0.7mm Mustard color Acrylograph pen. (Depending on your favorite pose don’t forget to leave space around hands to show the palms or other body parts.)

mustard outline of a yogi

Step Four:

Using the gold pen draw horizontal lines across the pose outline to represent each day in the month. (I recommend using a pen that is the same color as the outlined yoga pose. So if you used a blue marker to draw the outline use a pen that is a similar blue for the horizontal lines.)

fill me up yogi


Step Five: 

Decorate the rest of the page as you want. You can write your intentions for your yoga practice on the sides of your pose. You can also write areas of improvement from your practice. You can also write down the name of poses that you are having difficulty with or interested in trying.

 Half filled yogi

I like to keep this spread simple and just focus on the silhouette. This is my favorite spread idea because it can kind of be a metaphor to show how much yoga fills up my soul. I feel like it is a representation for every time I do yoga I fill myself up with self-love.


Monthly Yoga Tracker

Step One: 

Place your favorite yoga stencil in the center of the page leaving approximately 16 lines below. Draw the outline with the pose with a pencil and then outline it with your marker. Then color in the yogi with either the mustard or olive marker.


Step Two:

Then draw a box around the outline of the yoga pose. (You can leave about 2 lines above and 2 lines below the outlined yogi.) Then color in the box with the opposite color (if you used mustard in step one then color the box with the olive marker and vice a versa.)

Step Three:

Approximately four lines below the box write the letters of the week (S,M,T,W,Th,F,S). Then below fill in the numbered dates for the month. After that using the gold pen write a line above the day of the week. Write the month above the gold line and then using the gold pen write another line.


This yoga tracker is really simple and can even be used as a monthly cover page.


Daily Intentions

Yoga is seen as the connection between the mind and the body. It might be helpful to not only track the physical practice of yoga but also the mental practice. These two trackers are a great way to track both!

Yogi and intentions


Step One:

Write the desired title on top of the page. You can write Yoga Tracker, Daily Om, Daily Intentions, or your favorite quote on mindfulness.


Step Two:

Place your favorite yoga pose stencil on the left or right of the page. Then using your pencil sketch out the outline. Then using the 0.7mm Acrylograph pen draw over the outline of the pose.


Step Three:

On the opposite end of the page, number each line to represent a day in the month.

 Sitting yogi and intentions

Step Four:

Decorate the page as you wish. You can draw lotus flowers, or mini mandalas, or even use stickers. I like to leave it plain so I can focus on the intentions and not get distracted.


Yoga trackers

Adding yoga to your daily routine can be a great way to practice self-care. Check out our 30 days of yoga printable sheet to get you started with yoga even in the middle of the month.

 30 days of yoga tracker

Don’t forget to tag me @doyousalut and @archerandolive so we can see your lovely recreations. Until next time… Salut!

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