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Women Empowerment Quote Page + Free Printable

by Guest Blogger 09 Aug 2020 0 Comments

Hey people, it’s Temi from  @Temi.Journals here. In celebration of National Women’s Day this year, I have created this simple quote page you could include in your journal. I show you how to create it below but if you would prefer, I have also included a printable which you can stick into your journal. 

Women Empowerment Quote Page by Temi



National Women’s Day is a South African holiday created to empower women. It started with a peaceful protest that made a huge impact. It brings issues such as domestic violence, unequal pay, workplace sexual harrassment, etc to attention. If you would like to read more about the history of this holiday, take a look here.





The first step is to do a quick sketch to map out where things go, and to ensure they fit the page well. I decided to go for a simple calligraphy font for the words ‘limit’ and ‘women’. I kept the remainder of the quote in simple caps. Also, map out where you want the hand illustration to go at the bottom. I was initially going to do three hands hence the three blobs.

Power Tip: Keep the sketch light so you can move things around and erase unwanted things easily.

Sketch of spread



Sketch out the fists, it is easier than you think. Use your own closed fist in real life to help you think about the shape. Next, colour in the illustration in whichever colours you decide. I decided to colour the nails pink as I wanted that to be my accent colour for this quote page. I used the 3mm Acrylograph pen for this and it worked perfectly.

Colour Finger Nails

For the hands, I chose to do two skintones. I coloured the left hand using a 3mm beige Acrylograph pen and I used a brown Crayola Supertips marker for the right hand.

Note: The palm of black people’s hands are usually considerably lighter than their actual skin tone. I represented this by using beige for the palms and then using the brown crayola marker over the top. If you are going for a minimal vector style illustration, feel free to use one colour.

Colour Fists



Now it is time to ink the text. I used the 0.7mm Acrylograph pen in black for this. I used my natural cursive handwriting for the word ‘limit’. I also used the same pink Acrylograph pen for the ‘women’ text and wrote over it in an elongated cursive. Finally, I credited Michelle Obama at the bottom for her amazing quote.

Inking out quote page text



To finish, erase the pencil marks and outline the fingers of the illustration with a white pen. I used the white Acrylograph pen in 0.7mm which layered amazingly. And that is it!

Completed quote page

I hope I have provided inspiration for you to create your own quote page in celebration of women’s empowerment. If you decide to recreate any of these spreads, please tag me on Instagram @Temi.Journals so I can see it.




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