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4 Spring Bullet Journal Themes Ideas + FREE Theme Planner Worksheet

by Ambassador Team 23 Dec 2023 0 Comments

Getting ready for spring in your bullet journal? Here are four of my favorite spring theme ideas and the details you need to create a cohesive set-up.

Image showing stationery supplies including pencil pouch, scissors, decorative tape, markers, and the printable attached to this blog post

Spring into the Season

Hello friends! This is Sian or @perceivegrace, on both Instagram & Youtube. Do you enjoy a seasonal moment in your bullet journal? Me too! Let’s dive into 4 theme ideas to utilize or draw inspiration from in your bullet journal this spring season.

Supply List

Sprout happiness in your bullet journal this spring! Use a combination of the items below to grow the perfect spring theme, whether you’re following along for ideas or creating your own. You can use my code SIAN10 to save 10% with Archer & Olive on the tools you need to live life in full bloom. 

Click the video below to follow along and draft your spring theme idea with me!



Theme Idea 1: Hello Spring

We’re starting off strong with an ode to spring. A quintessential “Hello Spring” theme is perfect for the month of March or ushering in the spring equinox. Whatever exudes spring most to you is the perfect inspiration for this theme.

My interpretation of “Hello Spring” as an aesthetic elicits colorful, botanical, and fun! I think of splashing in rain puddles or strolling through a garden amidst the busy creatures emerging from winter. For the color palette, I prioritized the orange and blue in the two decorative tapes I utilized from the Archer & Olive Botanical Garden Critters set. The blue makes me think of the sky while the orange channels flowers and rain boots. Those calliograph colors are both from the Sunset Breeze set, while the supporting pink and green acrylographs in the color palette are from the Jewel acrylograph collection. Lastly, I experimented with a springy lettering style and listed additional elements I might pull from my personal collection, such as spring themed stickers or choosing to incorporate some dainty floral doodles.

Image showing the free printable included in this blog post to create a Hello Spring bullet journal theme in a flat lay surrounded by a pair of scissors, decorative tape, and markers

Theme Idea 2: Cottage-core

I am a firm believer that you can truly make a cottage-core theme work for any season of the year, particularly spring (as well as autumn). I tend to think of mushrooms sprouting on the hillside, deer resting in fields of wildflowers, and baskets carrying a midday picnic. 

The Archer & Olive Deer and Field decorative tape set is perfect for this theme in either spring or early autumn. To me, the aesthetic behind this theme idea is whimsical, cozy, and nature themed. I am super inspired by the rich warm and green colors of the decorative tape and utilized acrylographs from the Autumn Morning set. I chose a black calliograph and went with my default brush lettering for the lettering style. For a theme like this, I think I would also include floral/nature decorative stamps and theme stickers here and there.

Image showing the free printable included with this blog post in a flat lay surrounded by a pair of scissors, decorative tape, and markers

Theme Idea 3: Cherry Blossom

Next up is a tried and true cherry blossom theme. I highly recommend checking out when peak cherry blossom bloom is for your region of the world. This is a light and refreshing theme. 

Dainty, delicate, pastel, and light/gold all come together in my mind to bloom a cohesive cherry blossom bullet journal theme. I utilized calliographs from the Sunset Breeze set but the Archer & Olive Everyday Pastels collection would be perfect as well. I included a light blue to represent the sky peeking through the cherry blossom tree branches. The pink decorative tape with the gold foil vines is actually from the Archer & Olive Postcard decorative tape set; you can certainly get creative in pulling your materials together. I wanted a swooping yet delicate lettering style for this theme. When it comes to other elements one might include, I thought printing out free-use cherry blossom stock photos would be a nice touch to paste into your bullet journal throughout the month you match with this theme.

Image showing the free printable included in this blog post in a flat lay surrounded by a pair of scissors, decorative tape, and markers

Theme Idea 4: Regency Garden

Last, bud not least (yes, another spring pun), is the theme that has to be my favorite of the four. I thoroughly enjoy and take inspiration from the regency period of English history. The regency era (1811-1820) is often associated with springtime for the characteristic imagery of English gardens, romantic countryside manors, and pastel color schemes of women’s fashion. 

I just had to use two of the decorative tapes from the Archer & Olive Botanical Garden Critters set. My color palette is rich yet soft and my lettering style of choice is elongated and delicate. I think pairing regency inspired patterned scrapbooking paper or relevant ephemera with this theme would be a great idea.

Image showing free printable included in this blog post in a flat lay surrounded by a pair of scissors, decorative tape, and markers

They can’t all be winters…

Need more spring theme ideas? Check out the list below:

  • Baking or brunch
  • Daisies/other specific flowers
  • Cozy Spring/Hygge
  • Rain/Clouds
  • Paris/Romance
  • Picnic
  • Bugs & Insects: bumble bees, butterflies, etc.
  • Farm animals
  • Market
  • Kites
  • Graduation
  • Succulents/Cacti
  • Spring Break/Vacation
  • Spring cleaning

Don’t forget your free printable! You can use this helpful free printable for any bullet journal theme preview you might need throughout the year or replicate the concept on a dot grid page. I also included this blog post to spark lettering style ideas for any theme any time! If you found this guide helpful be sure to share this post! Happy creating!

Image with action item to download free bullet journal theme preview printable

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