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Keeping A Daily Creative Journal as a Companion and Creative Portal + Free Lettering Worksheets

by Ambassador Team 17 Dec 2023 0 Comments

Bullet Journal is many things for me. It’s a creative companion, it’s a self care journal, it’s a creative portal that travels with me, and it’s also my self care on the move. And it actually is many many more things to me - but in nutshell, it’s my creative space anywhere and everywhere.

Hello creative friends, I am Naina, known as @twitcherwrites on social media and an ambassador team member for Archer & Olive. :) 

One of the many ways I get truly inspired is by small positive reminders linked with the  places I visit. The vibe, the nature, the mood, the people, and the overall experience of living in the moment in a different space-time than usual. I am therefore super happy to share some ideas today for you to also have the same  creative space that I have all the time (especially when I am on the move) with just some simple tools at hand. 

I always carry my journal with me while travelling (yes, even short one day trips). With a few pens and a journal, you can also make some easy and fun projects just like the ones I did. So please follow along and create…

Here’s what I recently carried for a one week trip to Paris, France. PS: You can also see me packing them all in a pouch, ready to travel. Video linked here ! ;)



  1. Journals: I carried two pocket size and one A5 dot grid journal. A little notepad for doodles or scribbles. Archer and Olive Journals.
  2. Pens and Basics: Brush pens, Paint pens, Black fine tip pen, Pencil, Eraser, Ruler, Glue tape, Paper clip etc. Or anything you think you will need for your specific projects. Mentioned above are my go to ones. They all fit perfectly in my small pouch. Archer and Olive’s Acrylographs and calliographs.
  3. Pouches: A pouch to carry your journals, pens and basics. I keep my pens and basics in a separate pouch from my journals. One big pouch for journals and one small for pens etc. My pen pouch fits inside my journal pouch. That way I just have one pouch for everything. Vegan Leather Pouch I used.

You can carry less or more depending upon the days you are away and what you will be using in your journals. Especially when you are out on a short trip, just a black fine pen and one journal can also be enough to take anywhere.

I’m sharing 3 creative projects. You can pick one or create all three. Here we go…

Project 1: Self care, which by definition, means taking the time to do things that help you live well and improves your physical and mental health. I have experienced and felt this during my creative process and found this to be so true! Hope you do too. 

Project 1 , Self Care

I made a very simple project which included some flowy borders and lettering in the middle, using a blackout journal and Acrylographs. Know that each project has a printable for you to follow along and practice. You can form any word by referring to the Faux Calligraphy Worksheet (end of blog).

Project 2: Living in the moment, reminding myself to be present in the moment, wherever I am at that point of time. Just being more mindful of my thoughts, in really ‘be’ the present. For this project, I used my blackout journal with Acrylographs. Printable Included at the end. Again, you can form any word by referring to the Faux Calligraphy Worksheet.

Project 2, Living in the moment

Project 3: Disneyland, Journaling on fun trips. It's good to take a little break even when the places are crowded. You can still create a peaceful corner while you rest your mind and body. This layout was created using the same flowy corners from project 1 and adding different letters in the centre using Calliographs and Acrlylographs. Isn’t it so relaxing!

By the way, you can form any word by referring to the Brush Pen Lettering Worksheet to replace the word I used here.

Project 3, Disneyland

A journal can serve you many purposes, it can be: a space for your tasks, a photo album, a doodle companion or a creative self care travel journal like mine.

Packing a journal and some basic supplies whenever you leave home and putting that idea together when you find your quiet time can be so wholesome and rewarding. 

That's how my journal works for me and I am curious to know how you get productive or creative with your journals. Do you travel with your journal, or will you now? Very curious to know.

disney Paris

Pick up your free printables to help you with all these projects here:

lettering printable

And watch me create these spreads here:

Hope you enjoyed this post and are inspired to create on your next adventure. Visit my website for more useful resources on lettering and using them in your journals and don’t forget to tag @archerandolive and use the following hashtags so that we can see your beautiful creations, #AOShare and #archerandolive. 

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