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5 Clever Ways to make your Undated Planner your Own

by Nicola Knobel 03 May 2019 0 Comments

Hi again! Nicola here from My Inner Creative! One of the things I absolutely adore about my undated planner is the flexibility it affords me to be both creative, and keep me structured and in check, where I am not consistently re-writing dates and numbers over and over again.

Another reason I love my undated planner is the super delicious 160gsm paper which makes it really easy to add some really juicy pens, watercolor and much more. This allows me the freedom to really great creative when I want, or to keep it simple and structured if I need it too. 

The main reason I got the undated planner originally was to help me be more productive at work, by eliminating the need for me to redraw piles of spreads. I did find however that I needed a couple more blank pages so, I came up with some clever ways to create more space and make my undated planner my own.

Tip 1: Adding some extra pages

On of the things I decided to do was add a couple of extra blank pages. To do this I kept it pretty simple by looking at which weeks ended on a Wednesday or which weeks stated on a Thursday. I then used those pages to stick in additional dot grid pages for notes or trackers. It was pretty easy to do and I used my edge trimmer to keep the shape of my undated planner. Granted, my planner got way thicker than I expected but was totally happy with my decision.

Tip 2: Adding additional space with a dutch door

Dutch doors are such versatile tools, you can easily create more space when you add these in, and adding them to your planner gives you the extra flexibility or space, or even the option to potentially hide information you might not want people to see. I personally like to use them as flaps to mark the month I am in. To create these I used a coloring-in book and cute out the shape and stuck it into my monthly calendar. As I move through the month, I can tuck pages into the flap and it helps me mark my page and easily find the month I am in.

Tip 3: Creating your own look and feel

Whats great about the undated planner is the ability to use some of the space you might not find a need for, for other things! For example, on a month that is potentially more quiet than others, I might not use my my notes list down the right hand side my planner. So for the month of May, I head heaps of extra border stickers that I had no use for, so created a pretty sticker border to fill up the space.

Tip 4: Using weekday stickers to cover your weekly spread

I adore the layout of the undated planner, but it can get a bit monotonous, so to spice it up a little, I love adding perfectly sized weekday stickers over the top of my weekly spread to create a new look. I use other stickers too, to really customize that look and feel. Another thing I love to use are little date stickers to make adding dates to my planner quick and easy!

Tip 5: Add all sorts of media!

Finally we get to the final tip. You'll see in the image I've used, not only have I incorporated tip 1 (adding an additional blank page) and took it a step further with adding some bring watercolors. That 160gsm paper holds up so well with watercolor and doesn't bleed or ghost. This makes adding colors to my planner fun! I add some washi tape, stickers and markers to the page to really give it a kick into the color spectrum! 

Hopefully these simple tips have you inspired for more creative ways of using your undated planner! We would love to see your creations over at #aandoplanner 

Happy planning!


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