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5 Creative Ideas for Reusing Empty Journal Boxes

by Guest Blogger 29 May 2021 1 comment

Hi friends! It’s Missy Briggs again. You can find me @missybriggs on Instagram or at Today we’re going to look at creative ways to reuse the boxes from your Archer & Olive notebooks. I’ll add a video of two of the projects and printable template for one of the projects to help you, too!

The paper boxes that your beautiful notebooks are shipped in are so thick and luxe that I simply can’t bear to toss them or recycle. I’ve found a multitude of uses like storage and organization. 

Supplies you might need:

When you shop Archer & Olive, don’t forget to use my affiliate code MISSY10 to save! Now let’s take a look at five creative journal box ideas, in no particular order:

Washi Tape Storage

washi tape storage idea - creative ways to upcycle empty boxes

To create this functional storage box, download the template below and print. Trim around the pink border with scissors and tape the printout onto the bottom of the box.

With a craft knife (and ruler if you need it) carefully cut through the paper template and Archer & Olive box to create little rectangular spaces to hold up to twelve rolls of washi in each of your A5 boxes. You can definitely try this idea on a B5 box too.

Pro tip: Adjust the holes for washi tape rolls that are larger or smaller. These are 15 x 40 mm and fit most Archer & Olive washi tape rolls for convenient storage and display.

template to create your own washi tape storage on A5 box

Watercolor Mixing Palette

watercolor palette - upcycle empty boxes

Using a craft knife and ruler, carefully cut a piece of contact paper or vinyl sticker paper to fit inside an A5 box. The video below shows how to create this. 

I didn’t have nonporous sticker paper, so I used a sheet of sticker paper and covered it with clear Oracal 651 vinyl to laminate it. For this project I cut it to approximately 14.5 x 21 cm.

Acrylograph Pen Storage

Acrylograph pen storage

Did you know that acrylograph pens should be stored horizontally? The packaging that comes with a full set of pens is beautiful and has spaces for each of the pens included.

If you’re buying pens individually or looking to store multiple sets together, the notebook boxes make a great horizontal pen storage. I cut this marbled scrapbook paper down to 9 x 15 cm and handlettered a label for the cover. 

Fabric-Covered Gift Boxes

fabric gift boxes - upcycle used Archer & Olive packaging

The Archer & Olive boxes can be transformed into a luxe gift box with scrap fabric and fabric glue. Take the cover off an A5 notebook box and set the bottom aside. Cut a piece of scrap fabric to approximately 26 x 31 cm.

Place the box top on the fabric and mark where you need to cut slits to wrap the corners. Use fabric glue to adhere fabric to the box top and carefully wrap around the sides. Trim any excess fabric and allow to dry overnight. 

Art Travel Kit

travel kit for art supplies

The Archer & Olive boxes are the perfect size for my on-the-go sketching kit. I like to keep one in my car. You can use scrap fabric to line the bottom of the box if you want to dress it up a bit, but I keep mine pretty basic. I love the design on the Archer & Olive boxes. Here’s my list of must-have items for a travel kit:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Washi tape
  • Acrylograph Pen
  • Gel pen
  • Water brush
  • Travel watercolor set
  • 6 inch clear ruler

What creative ideas have you tried to reuse your Archer & Olive notebook boxes? Tag me on Instagram if you try any of these. I would love to see what you create!

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1 comment

30 Jan 2023 Sayra

Using my A&O empty journal boxes for holding my washi tapes, as a travel box for supplies and to hold my Acrylograph pens is awesome! Great ideas for recycling and reducing my carbon footprint.

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