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7 Tips When You're Worried to Start Your Bullet Journal

by Guest Blogger 27 May 2021 0 Comments

Starting a Bullet Journal can be a difficult thing todo. It's not because the method itself if hard. Most of the time when I hear from people who want to start, they don't know how to begin, or maybe there are intimidated by other accounts or things they see online. So, in todays post, I wanted to go over my Top 7 Tips to get started in your Bullet Journal.


Tip 1 - Start with the basics

There is a lot of inspiration online with some incredible bullet journal spreads. But if you are finding that to be too much for you, just start with the basics. I always recommend going to to get started. Once you have that down, you can start to add more fun into your journal.

Bullet Journal Future Log

Tip 2 - You don't need to spend a lot on materials to get started

Getting started in a bullet journal should always be about being productive. Most people I talk to have a productivity goal in mind. It could be for work, home, or hobbies, but there is usually a reason. So, my best advice is to start simple. Get a pen, or pencil, and a notebook. You only need these two things to start in your bullet journal. You can always look around your house for stationery you already have. A marker, highlighter, or ever a crayon if you want. Once you know you are going to stick with your journal, then go have some fun at the craft store ;-)

There are many types of notebooks out there that you can use. You can use something you already have or  Archer & Olive has amazing notebooks that you can get as we.

Notebook and Pen

Tip 3 - Don't wait, start today

You don't need to wait for a certain day or the start of a new year to begin your bujo. If you wait forever, or you want your journal to be set up perfectly, you might never begin. Set up your basic pages, Index, Future Log, Monthly Log, Daily Log and get going. You can always add on to your journal at any time. That's just one reason the bullet journal is so amazing.

Bullet Journals



Tip 4 - Use a pencil before adding a pen or marker

Lessons learned over my 4 years of keeping a bullet journal. Sketch out your page because you go in with your pens and markers. We all make mistakes, and the best way to avoid too many is to draw with something you can erase incase you make a mistake. You don't need to go all in and add in every detail, but get in just enough to ensure that you can feel confident with following up with a pen. And if you do make a mistake, not a problem. It happens. Pops sticker over it, paint over it, or just move on. We all do it, you are okay. 

Pencil pen




Tip 5 - Don't be intimidated by other accounts.

Take my word for it, I've been there too. We see these amazing accounts with beautiful pages. DO NOT compare yourself, and certainly don't let that hold you back from starting. In fact, there is no rule that says you have to ever show anyone your bullet journal pages. So if that is holding you back, forget about it. Start your journal for you and only you. If you do decide to share your work online, that's great. The message is still the same. Everyone has their own style and abilities and don't ever let that hold you back.

Bullet journal Spread


Tip 6 - Try different things

No one said that you need to have an aesthetic going into your bullet journal. If you don't have one, this is great because you can give yourself permission to find one. I love minimalistic spreads, simple lines, and some pops of color (sometimes). But there are times when I want to explore. Try different styles for yourself by mimicking a favorite spread from one of your favorite accounts. The only way to know what you like is to try it first. If you don't like it, never do it again. But who knows, you might just find a new favorite style.

Bullet Journal Spread Envelopes


Tip 7 - Keep Inspiration in a saved folder or collection

I do this all the time. If I see something that I like on Instagram, I will save it to a collection. I have a bunch of them for myself, organized by type. If you don't want to go that deep, just tap the save icon and save them to one big collection. That way if you are ever stuck or in a creative slump, you can go there for inspiration. It's also a great way to keep track of which creators you get your inspiration from and easy to remember to tag them in your posts. 

The same goes for using Pinterest of general searches online. Create a bookmark folder or collection for yourself that you can go to for that inspo.

Instagram Saves



See my video for more!


Also, download this printable to keep these tips close by!


I hope that these 7 tips are helpful and give you the confidence to get started in a bullet journal today. This method has really changed the way I work and express myself. It's helped me in so many ways and I hope that it can help you too. I am always available to you if you ever have a question or need some inspiration. Hit me up in my DM's

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