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5 Things to do with your missed planner days!

by Nicola Knobel 25 Oct 2019 0 Comments

It happens right - It always happens! You miss a couple of days in your planner and the blank space stares at you like a glaring white beacon! 

Hi! Nicola here from My Inner Creative, and today we are going to talk about some things you can do to fill up this missed days or spaces. Now you can obviously use this on spaces you have missed in your bullet journal too, but its a great way to fill up space in a number of ways!

#1 Using the space for lettering and text:

If you can remember what happened that day, or want to track something important from a meeting, use this space to add in some fun text or lettering. Either it can be part of a lettering challenge or it might be a style you have been wanting to use. 

Fill the space to the brim with text and ideas that suit the week or the day.

#2 Use the space for meeting notes

If like me you love being more productive than crafty, use the space to capture meeting notes. Pop in a little page marker for you to remember that you have some blank space to fill, and then go back and use the space up for meeting notes.

I am a pretty messy note taker so the chances of me filling up that space is high!

#3 Use the space for doodling

If this is something you have been wanting to try or you are participating in a doodling challenge, use the space to get creative with your doodling. You could easily theme it to match the month, or simply just include something to remind yourself of the day! What a perfect way to capture some memories!

#4 Fill it with a quote

This is a really really simple way to fill up that blank space! Find a quote that really resonates with you and pop it in there, or stick a sticker in with a quote. Either way, you are filling up the space with intention and joy!

#5 Photos and Memory Keeping

I absolutely love adding this as an element in my planner. The reason this is so great is because it captures what happened on the day, and if you have the opportunity to take photos you can add those in with ease! Even more easy to do when you use the space for Polaroids!

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