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The Stress free way to starting your planner mid-month

by Nicola Knobel 23 Oct 2019 0 Comments

Your planner is undated. But you are starting in the middle of the month! What a waste of space you have already created! 

Hi! Nicola here from My Inner Creative, and today Ill be talking about some of the ways you can start with your undated planner mid month, with minimal stress.

For me, I have a couple of requirements about starting a new planner or notebook, has to be on a Monday and if possible, on the 1st of the month. But life happens, and sometimes, I'm starting on a Wednesday the 12th. URG! If im completely honest I struggle with that....A LOT!

So how can we overcome this? In my previous post I spoke about some ways to fill in those blank spaces or missed days. 5 ideas on how to do that. So lets start there.

Fill in blank spaces with doodles and lettering

You can easily fill in the blank days with notes or memories, doodles or lettering. This will take the sting out of starting mid week or mid month. 

I personally like taking the approach of using it as a tool for memory planning or memory keeping, as the days are structured enough to be able to add in heaps of lettering and photos to remember so cool things that happened on those days.

Cover the extra days with stickers

Here I am using stickers to hide the fact that this is a Sunday box, that I don't want to use at all!

Use the extra pages as a little envelope!

Need some extra space? Why not create a little storage pouch in your planner for hidden secrets, little mementos and more? Its a really easy way to add space, hid important things, or keep important things close!

Using the space as a functional tool

Another great trick is to use those spaces for notes or trackers that you might want to set up for the year. If you know you are starting mid month, why not paste some dot grid paper over the days you wont be using and use the space for habit and mood trackers or any other key journal and planning tools you might need for the year.

You could, quite as easily, stick the pages together if that's something you want to do to. Which essentially erases the fact that they were even there in the first place! 

Using it as a space for tools though, gives you the opportunity to plan well in advance for things that might be coming up - You can easily stick stickers over the days and just turn it into a master to-do list for the month or even in preparation for the next month. Having a dashboard in your planner really helps you laser focus your planning for the month too!

Leaving it blank!

Now this might seem like a crazy idea! And might seem initially like a waste of space, but when you think about, you might need that space later in the year! Your planner is undated for 12 months, and you might not need that space until June 2020, but if you do, its there! So bind the pages together with a little paper clip, so you aren't constantly flipping through them and keep creating in the way you love! And when you finally need those paper, whip out that paper clip and start using them! 

So in summary, don't feel constrained by your undated planner, that sort of relationship is unhealthy! Keep an open mind, and think outside the box when starting mid month! Feel free to use your planner however way you want, it is undated to allow you the freedom to flex the boundaries, not to confine you to days and dates! 



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