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5 Types of Fitness Trackers to Include in Your Bullet Journal

by Guest Blogger 09 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Hello everyone! It is Erin Floto from Erin Floto Designs here (@erinflotodesigns on all social media). It has been a little while since we’ve all made the “be healthier” and “workout more” New Year’s Resolutions. And maybe that isn’t going quite as well as it was for the first month of the year. Or is that just me? Well time to get back to it! Here are 5 different fitness trackers that can be included in your bullet journal!

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  • Some Pens! - I like using a ton of colors in my fitness spreads but you can always adapt to a more minimalist approach
  • Creativity - Always recommended by me :)

You can use my affiliate code on Archer and Olive’s website for a 10% discount. The code is EFD10. 

  1. Color Tracker

In 2021, this type of tracker has been my go to. I love that I can use a bunch of colors to signify different types of workouts or different amounts of time dedicated to my workout. This spread is very easy. I have multiple columns for the days that I feel extremely motivated and do multiple types of workouts. Next to the day of the week, I use my color code to signify the type of workout that I completed. Done and done! And hopefully it is a little more filled in than this one was!

[Image credit: @erinflotodesigns]

  1. Yoga

This beautiful spread by @doyousalut is such a beautiful and minimalist approach. Include your favorite yoga pose and fill out all of your yoga workouts for the month. The tree pose shown by @doyousalut is one of my most favorite poses! Probably because it helps me work on my balance which I’ve had trouble with since I was 15 years old and had my first (of eight) knee surgeries. 

[Image credit: @doyousalut]

[Image credit: @doyousalut]

  1. Circle Tracker

This is a tracker that I made at the beginning of 2020 before the madness began. I tracked all of my healthy habits together, including working out and yoga and my goal for the number of workouts I would do per week. For habits I wanted to do every day, there were 5 weeks deep and 7 days across. For habits that I wanted to do a certain amount per week (yoga and workouts), I included my goal which was 5 days for the 5 weeks in the month. 

[Image credit: @erinflotodesigns]

  1. Line Graph

Some of you may track the statistics from the type of workout you do. This is true for me when I ride my stationary bike! I like to track the amount of time, average resistance used on the bike, my average leg speed (cadence), the amount of calories burned, and the overall output for my ride. These are all tracked on an app and then I input every workout into my bullet journal!

[Image credit: @erinflotodesigns]

  1. Workout Routine

Last but not least is creating a routine tracker. Workouts should vary over time to get the most out of the muscle groups you are working. However, having a workout routine can be very helpful so you have a plan in place every single day of the week. A lot of times, one of the reasons I would struggle is because I didn’t know what type of workout I would want to do that day. So this simple page helps lay out the muscle groups and types of workouts you do each day of the week. 

[Image credit: @erinflotodesigns]

I hope that this post has been a source of inspiration for you as you put together your own fitness spreads! Tag me @erinflotodesigns and @archerandolive to share your inspiration with us! If you are interested in a chance to be featured on our community page, tag your photo with #shareao

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