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5 Unique Color Palette Ideas For Your Next Bullet Journal Theme Or Design Project

by Design Team 05 Oct 2021 1 comment

Hello hello! It’s Nabaa here from @whimsical.doodles. The end of the year is almost upon us (I can’t believe I’m even typing this!!) which means it’s time to start planning out new bullet journal months, or even gifts! Now you might think this is wayyy too early to be doing gifts, but there’s no such thing in my books 😅 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a newbie journaler, or art supplies for your artist friend, Archer and Olive has a little something for everyone - from their stunning notebooks, to the fan favourite - Acrylographs, with washis and stickers in between. 

But today we’re going to be focusing on the Acrylographs - and more specifically, curating your own customised colour palettes using the individual pens. Because nothing says “I care about you” than spending time creating the perfect colour palette out of pens - amirite?? Okay I kid but you know what I mean! 

The Archer and Olive Acrylographs are a great gift idea for both beginners and advanced artists alike. The pens come in a wide range of colours making them super versatile! They also work on darker surfaces - like the blackout paper or kraft paper notebooks. 

And if none of the existing colour sets feel just right, why not build your own! (Remember to use code WHIMSICAL10 on all your A&O purchases for a little discount!)

To help you get started, here are 5 fun palette ideas for you to play around with:  


1| Dreamy Sunset

If you prefer soft, delicate colours over bright, vivid shades, this is the palette for you! This colour palette combines some of the most stunning colours - perfect for floral based artwork or if you're in the mood to colour in a sunset!

dreamy sunset color palette

Here are the exact Acrylographs to build this pack of 5: 

  1. Lavender
  2. Pink
  3. Yellow
  4. Coral 
  5. Peach

Bonus - Make it a set with a matching Archer and Olive notebook!

solar archer and olive notebook

2 | Mysterious Blues

A fan of blue? This colour palette combines my favourite Blue Acrylograph shades with a complementary Purple hue that ties everything together! 

blue color palette

Check out this palette in action by Bonnie! And grab these colours here:

  1. Midnight Moonlight
  2. Blue Willow
  3. Sky Blue
  4. Coral
  5. Plum

archer and olive blackout

3| Cottageacore Aesthetic

If your gift recipient is a fan of the stunning cottagecore aesthetic taking over the internet, this pick of colours will work best - cottagecore is heavily based on warm earthy tones - from soft neutrals to deeper rich colours. 

neutral color palette

Get these colours here:

  1. Warm Dark Mulberry
  2. Peach
  3. Goldenrod
  4. Cocoa
  5. Olive

Bonus - matching Archer and Olive notebook!

160gsm bullet journal


4 | Summer Splash 

In the mood for bright, vibrant artwork? Check out this super cute summer inspired colour palette! 

bright color palette

Here are the pens I used for this palette:

  1. Orange
  2. Camelia
  3. Bright Lime Green
  4. Pool Blue
  5. Purple

Bonus - matching Archer and Olive notebook!

archer and olive square notebook


5 | Monochrome Mood

Playing with different shades of the same color is a great way to learn how to work with color different values! A monochrome palette is especially great for a beginner as it's one of the easier types of colour palettes to work with. Here’s an example of 5 pen colours that combine to work together! 

monochrome color palette

Pens used: 

  1. Pink
  2. Camelia
  3. Warm Dark Mulbery
  4. Maroon
  5. Plum

I hope these color palette ideas have helped you decide on the best colour choices for your own gift! Remember, you can use my affiliate code WHIMSICAL10 for a discount on all your A&O notebooks! Happy gifting, friends 💛

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1 comment

25 Aug 2022 Lydia

Perfect! This is EXACTLY the inspiration I’ve been looking for :)

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