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8 Simple Ways To Incorporate Scrapbooking into Your Bullet Journal

by Design Team 03 Oct 2021 0 Comments

Hello everyone! Erin Floto of @erinflotodesigns (on all social media) taking a little bit of time to share a bullet journaling style that I absolutely love with all of you - scrapbooking. When I was growing up, I loved scrapbooking with my mom. Scrapbooking is typically about layering papers, washi tapes, and photos to create a fun page for memory keeping, journaling and more. So today, I’m going to share some accounts that I think incorporate these elements beautifully and also talk about a few reasons why I love this style!

Recommended Bullet Journaling Supplies:

  • Archer and Olive Notebook
  • Scrapbooking or colorful notepad papers
  • Washi tapes, stamps, art, stickers or anything else that compliments!
  • Double sided tape (I like Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive)
  • Creativity!

You can use my affiliate link and code on Archer and Olive’s website for a 10% discount. The code is EFD10. 

Getting Inspiration

Let’s take a look at some amazing inspiration pieces. 

scrapbooking future log


[Image credit: @erinflotodesigns]

This theme was one of my absolute favorites and one of the easiest themes that I have ever done. I took brown and wood-style scrapbooking papers from one of my favorite craft stores and cut them up and layered them to create a scrapbook mountain theme. 

aesthetic scrapbooking

[Image credit: @journalbynaomi]

One of the things I love about this the most is the layers. There are so many layers and textures incorporated into this spread and still plenty of room to work on a daily to-do list or journal. 


layered scrapbooking

[Image credit: @annajournals_]

VELLUM. I love vellum paper and layering it with the scrapbook papers and the washi is just such a beautiful touch. If you purchased an Archer and Olive subscription box in September then maybe you can repurpose the vellum envelope into one of your future spreads!

vellum scrapbooking

[Image credit: @raesdailypage]

There is something so satisfying about using stickers along with book pages. I know a lot of folks that visit thrift stores or use old, already torn up books to create just a beautiful typed aesthetic and I love how that pairs with lettering. 

sticker scrapbooking

[Image credit: @mondaymorningdesign]

This spread incorporates just everything I love. Washi tape, stickers, stamping, layering, using graph papers. And bonus, it is a reading log and this entire spread screams cozy up near a fire with a book.

planner scrapbooking

[Image credit: @plannerfield]

As if I hadn’t said it enough so far, layering is such a key component for scrapbooking and this spread uses the stickers from the Archer and Olive September Subscription Box wonderfully layering to help define each space in a weekly spread. 

Great for Mental Health

So now that we have some inspiration under our belts, let’s talk about some benefits to this style. The first one is always a HUGE aspect of my planning and journaling processes and that is mental health. Crafting and art as a whole is wonderful for bringing some feeling of joy, satisfaction, and puts your mind to work on something that isn’t stressful. And if you do find that some perfectionism is causing stress when working on scrapbooking, remember that you are doing this for joy, not to be perfect. It is something I have struggled with a lot when I don’t feel satisfied with my art or spreads. But at the end of the day, not everything has to be perfect. And the best part? If you aren’t happy with it, you can just turn the page and start again tomorrow.

Perfect for Artists or Artistically “Challenged”

I don’t like the term artistically challenged because I believe that anyone can create art with practice. But for those that may not have the time to practice and don’t like their artistic abilities, scrapbooking is such a great way to incorporate art in a bullet journal. I’m always in the camp of doing what you need to do to use your bullet journal. For me, that means adding art because looking at a page with a to-do list is not a way to motivate me. But adding some art or scrapbooking around the to-do list helps me from being overwhelmed and more likely to do the things I need to do in the day. And if you want to practice your art, you can practice on a separate scrapbooking page. If you mess up, you can throw it away and start again! Or you can embrace the imperfections and tape it in.

Function or Art

One of the things I love is that scrapbooking styles can be used for both functional purposes and artistic purposes. On one page, I use the paper from the Archer and Olive notepad to do a quote for artistic purposes and on the other, I use rectangles to assist me in my at-a-glance page that helps me with all of my setups so I don’t mess up my days of the week. 

scrapbooking theme

[Image credit: @erinflotodesigns]


Here is a set up where I incorporate scrapbooking elements into my monthly setup! 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you got a lot of inspiration for including scrapbooking elements into your bullet journal! I’ve also created a few printable templates for creating a fun quote page.

scrapbooking template

All you have to do now is get some scrapbooking paper and any other items like washi tape or stickers and get to work! Tag me @erinflotodesigns and @archerandolive in any recreations! If you get inspiration from one of the other artists I have listed here, please tag them if you are sharing on social media so they can also get some joy out of inspiring you! Have a great one, bye!

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