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A Journal Holiday Gift Guide for your Guy and How to get him started with planning

by Guest Blogger 26 Nov 2020 0 Comments

Hey there crew, it’s Mark from @Menwhobullet. You can find more of me on Instagram and Youtube. With the holidays on their way, notebooks and journals are classic gifts that pair well with awesome pens. If you are looking for some ideas on gifts to get for guy, here are a few ideas from your resident journal guy.

A Guys Journal Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone has their own style and taste and even though your best guy might not say it, we want to show off and be a little different sometimes. When it comes to notebooks and journals, I find that the more unique it is the more excited I am about it. So let’s checkout some cool Archer&Olive notebooks and journals that are great gift ideas for your guy.

1. 8x8 Twin Arrows Dot Grid Notebook

I’m personally a big fan of this notebook because it’s been the bullet journal of choice for me this year. It’s a fun size and it is definitely different than what anyone else is carrying around. The size is great for a bullet journal, large sketchbook, or to jot down ideas and plans.

2. A5 Garden Slither 192 Pages Dot Grid Notebook

When I first saw the silver serpent on the black notebook I was pumped. There are a lot of great notebooks from A&O, but at the time I felt like most of the cover designs were a bit more feminine. This one has really has stood out to me since its release. I'm also a big fan that this notebook has 192 pages. It makes me feel like I am getting more bang for my buck, and as a guy, I liked that.

3. Traveler's Morning Sun Dot Grid Notebook

If your guy isn’t into larger sized notebooks, then the travelers size is perfect for those quick notes, ideas, and lists. It’s small enough to fit in a backpack or to carry around. With the built in pen loop, he can have everything he needs at his fingertips.


4. A5 Night Sky Kraft Paper Dot Grid Notebook

Another really cool and different notebook is the Kraft paper journals. With the vintage brown Kraft paper, any pencil or pen will really stand out on the page. It’s rare to see a notebook made of all Kraft paper, so your guy can stand out without being a show off.


5. Classic Blue, Black, or Dark Green Journals

Sometimes the easiest way to go is with a classic color and minimal or no design. Your guy can keep it simple while still being able to appreciate a good quality product. The 160GSM paper and hand bound notebooks makes these journals a step above the rest, just like your guy.


He has a journal, now what? 

So now that your guy has a journal, he might be curious of how to get started with his new notebook. What is most important is to dispel any myth about journals only being about jotting down your feelings. I mean, if your guy is a journaler already, you don’t have an issue. But for a guy getting a notebook as a gift, he might love it, but question how he’s going to use it.

My first choice would be to introduce him to The Bullet Journal Method from Ryder Carroll. At its core, the method is based on simplicity. Notes, tasks, and productivity. It doesn’t have to be designed one bit! The Archer and Olive paper can handle any pen, so pair your journal gift up with a fountain pen or a nice executive style pen.

There are some other great productivity methods out there that he could try outside of bullet journaling. Methods like quadrant thinking, The Ivey Lee, and even just straight up note taking. If you’ve got a creative guy in your life, introduce him to sketch notes and visual note taking. You could get him a a few nice fine-liners or even a few bullet tip or brush tip markers to add some diversity to his pages.

There are a lot of great options out there beyond bullet journaling and creative planning. You know your guy best, so think about how he’d use the notebook for. And if he might need a little guidance, there isn’t anything wrong with doing a little research for him up front and adding it to a page of the journal for reference. And I am also happy to chat with you more on ideas around getting your guy started. Just reach out to me on instagram @Menwhobullet.

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