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April 2021 Free Calendar Printable

by Bonnie Kuhl 31 Mar 2021 1 comment

Hey everyone! Happy (almost) April! Here is the free calendar printable for April 2021. A great tool to help you get ahead on your monthly planning and spring plans for this next month!

After a tough February, March was a breath of fresh air for me and my family. We were able to enjoy some beautiful hikes through nature together and I also had some time to focus on my self-care. I love that the sun is shining more, and all the signs of Spring are starting to show up around Texas. One of my favorite activities is going out on long walks, I love springtime especially because it allows me to get out and do this even more!

Here is a friendly reminder to make your own self-care a priority during this season and I hope that you all enjoy this April 2021 printable! I appreciate you all dearly and hope that this month is filled with so much happiness and joy.

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1 comment

28 Apr 2021 betsy hendry

lov this!

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