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Bullet Journal Idea: Halloween Theme + Free Printable Sticker Sheet!

by Nabaa Afridi 25 Sep 2020 0 Comments

Hello friends! Got some spooky magic for you today! I'm going to be setting up a "halloween-esque/magical" cover page for October! 

Halloween Inspired Bullet Journal Theme


Here's what I used to create this set up (Quick disclaimer: Some of these are affiliate links!):

Watch the tutorial here: 

Free Printable Sticker Sheet

To help with the rest of your planning with this theme, I also have a fun little sticker sheet that you can print out right at home! Make sure your printer is set to print at A5 and you should be good to go :)

Free Halloween Stickers

How to set up this Halloween Inspired Cover Page: 

Step 1. Use a pencil to sketch


Halloween Theme Bullet Journal

I started off by first lightly sketching out the borders of my black background and the leaves!

Step 2. Start painting the background


Black Theme Bullet Journal

I first started out using the Black Acrylograph marker. This was great for tighter corners but since I wanted a more matte finish, I went over the background with black gouache paint! 

Step 3. Adding colours!


Halloween Theme Bullet Journal

I used the Pink and Green markers from the Jewel Set, and the Orange marker from the Primary set! I felt like these colours complemented each other wonderfully!

Step 4. Adding Details and Title


Magic Theme Bullet Journal

I used the Circle maker to draw in the Magic Crystal Ball using the Gold Gelly Roll pen. I lettered in the "October" title inside the crystal using the White Gelly Roll! I then added in a few more details such as stars and crescents all around the page. 

Step 5: Clean up! 


Halloween Theme Bullet Journal

I went over some of the illustrations using a black pen to clean up any lines I may have messed up. I also went over the borders with the black marker using a ruler! I hope you enjoyed watching through the process of this monthly cover page and the free printable! If you recreate the spread or use the stickers, make sure to tag me @whimsical.doodles on Instagram so I can check it out! 

Thank you for reading through!! You guys are the absolute best. Love, Nabaa

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