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Bullet Journal Ideas: Birthday Tracker

by Liz Gray 09 Mar 2020 0 Comments

Hi friends, it's Liz from @thegraytergood here with some bullet journal inspiration! This birthday tracker should help you stay organized when it comes to days, gifts, and parties throughout the year. 

 In lieu of the standard "happy birthday", I titled this page with a cheeky "yay, you were born!" and will go over a few of the steps I use to space out my lettering to help you out with whatever phrase you choose.




  • Your Archer + Olive Dot Grid Notebook (I have the A5 size)
  • A black and a white gel pen (sizes 08 and 10)
  • A black and a grey Sakura Glaze pen
  • A pencil, eraser, and a ruler


I have quite a large family, both immediate and in-laws, so I needed a LOT of space for this tracker and didn't have a ton left for the title at the top. Make sure to consider any number of family/friends you typically send birthday gifts to and add a few extra spaces - just in case!

I included columns for "gifts", "wrapped", and "parties", but you can also add columns for things like "cards", "phone call", etc - anything that you want to make sure you don't forget for someone's birthday.  

To help you space your lettering at the top, it helps to know how many lines, words, and letters you'll have in your phrase. I always start by penciling in my margins, and then add a cap height and a baseline for each line of text, making sure to leave adequate space between each line so that they aren't too too close. Next, roughly pencil in a box for the approximate size of each word on each line, and don't forget to leave a nice amount of spacing in between each word. The last thing you can to do plan your layout is draw vertical lines to approximate the width of each letter before you start seriously sketching. Just a little bit of planning like this can save you from a crowded lettering disaster! 






I hope that y'all enjoyed these helpful lettering tips as well as the bullet journal inspiration, and if you decide to recreate this birthday tracker then make sure to take me on Instagram (@thegraytergood) so that I can see it! :) 


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