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Bullet Journal Ideas: Morning Routine

by Liz Gray 01 Sep 2020 0 Comments

Hi friends, it's Liz from @thegraytergood here with some bullet journal ideas and inspiration for you! This morning routine spread should help you stay on track, whether your goal is relaxation or productivity, for a beautiful and fulfilling morning.

As someone who easily loses track of time, I enjoy having a loose structure to my mornings to keep me a little more focused. I’ll go a few techniques for spacing out your lettering and drawing different lettering styles on a curve, but I’m including a free bullet journal printable so that you can easily start on your own morning ritual or get some morning routine ideas!

What You’ll Need: 

You can create a beautiful header on an angle or a curve by following these lettering tips and tricks. I know that this isn’t the only way to letter on a curve, but it’s one way I’ve found to make the process easier and I hope that it encourages you to try new things with your journal and your lettering. :)

Start by drawing your guidelines! Make sure to leave some space to the side, and lightly sketch out a baseline and a capline with your pencil, and don’t forge a descender/ascender line if you’ll be dealing in lowercase letters.

    Count out the number of letters you need and divide up your shape – don’t forget to leave space in between each word.  

    Sketch in your letters. If you have horizontal strokes that are near your curved or angled baseline or capline, just mirror the shape of the nearest guidelines. Keep your vertical lines straight up and down; this will keep things curvy but cohesive.

    Pro tip: if you're unsure about how your letters look, turn your journal upside down. This will help you see more of just the shapes as opposed to the letters and you can check your hand-lettering with a more precise eye. 

    You can add an extra touch like a drop shadow or a border, so just have fun with it and add your favorite details to this bullet journal header. I used black and white since I'm neutrals obsessed, but feel free to use your favorite colors and make it your own.


    The last step is to just rip up a bit of kraft paper or blackout paper to make your morning routine list pop. I suggest adding in not only tasks but cute little things that just help you appreciate each day. This is NOT the same thing as a to-do list, so you don't have to fill this out every day. It's more to help you establish a routine of things you'd like to do before the work of each day begins. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom or work outside of the home, having a bit of time to yourself to appreciate each day's beginning is powerful for both your sanity :D and your productivity! 

    Download the printable now


    I hope y'all enjoyed this bullet journal how to, and don't forget to share your recreations with me on Instagram by tagging @thegraytergood! 

    Heres our video :)


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