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Camping Bullet Journal Spread Idea + FREE Printable Camping Sticker Sheet!

by Design Team 07 Apr 2022 0 Comments

Hello Friends! I’m Dano from @danosbujo on Instagram and Youtube! In this Blog Post I’ll be showing you some camping bullet journal spread ideas for you to try! I made some free camping stickers to decorate the spreads and you can download them and print them for free at the end of this Blog ^^

When I was a kid I used to go camping almost every summer, there’s something so peaceful about being in nature and listening to the birds when you wake up. I learned to love it as time went by, and I hope I go camping soon again, I kinda miss that feeling. 

In case you like to go camping, here are some spread Ideas you can use to keep track of that trip! Or even if you don’t like camping, use these spreads as inspiration for your trips!

bullet journal camping spread


Here’s what I used for this Camping Set-Up:

  • A5 Neapolitan Notebook (I love the different colored paper ^^) 
  • Plant Based Bride X Archer & Olive Collab Acrylographs in the color Fern
  • Stickers I made for this Blog Post (find it at the end of this blog post c: )

In case you want to get something from Archer & Olive remember to use my affiliate link and code DANOSBUJO10 for a 10% discount!

1: To-Do List

bullet journal to do list

Making a to-do list always helps me get everything I want to do organized, In this case, I wrote “hike in the forest”, “do a barbeque/grill” and “Burn Marshmallows”. Those are just some examples of what I would add, but it’s completely up to you what you want to use a To-do list for, it could be for Tasks or simply fun things that you’d like to do. 


2: Memory Section

camping bullet journal spread

For the Memory Section, I left a small space to write something fun that happened during camping. Most of the time, my memories are around the time I have making food with my dad (grilling) and I spent most of the time playing with the fire and burning little sticks to help my dad with the heat on the grill…. I was a kid, remember that lmao. So, to resume, making a Memory Spread/ Section might be helpful to write about your best memories from that trip or experience, and it makes you reflect and rethink the amazing feeling you had that time. It can be a small section or a whole page, you’re tone who decided that!


3: Goal Section

The last Section I did was a Goal Section! Personally, I don’t use many Goal Spreads, but I do find them very useful to reflect what is your goal or priority for certain situations. In this case, I did a Goal section for what I want to prioritize during Camping, like enjoy the fresh air, connecting with nature, having fun, etc, etc. My tip would be to not make too many goals, but try to keep it realistic and achievable, in this spread I did 3 toggles for 3 goals that are the main ones to focus on. 


4: Camping Kit List

A Camping Kit List is a space where you write everything you need to go camping, this is a suggestion page for you to make in case you go camping or travel somewhere else. Make a list with topics of all the items you need for camping so when you pack your things nothing is forgotten!


5: Photo Dump Spread

In case you get the chance to take pictures during camping, why not make a Photo Dump Spread? Journal away all your feelings and thoughts about your trip and express all that’s inside your head into a spread, glue photos, write some words about them, glue some dry leaves you got from camping, explore and fall into this journaling world and make it special and fun! Photo dumps are so special and cool to see an overview of whatever timeline they are set in.

Check out how I did these spread ideas and some words about my experience camping in the past, and in case you want to share your own experience, in this video:


Here’s the Printable Sticker Sheet that I made especially for this Blog Post, take advantage cause they’re Free!! My recommendation is to print them in the full size and the colors can change slightly depending on your printer, also in case you have sticker paper … use it XD in case you don’t have use standard printing paper and glue ^^

I hope you enjoy it ♥

free camping sticker sheet printable

I hope you enjoyed these spread suggestions and the whole blog post!

If you’d like to check more of my Content check @danosbujo on Instagram and Youtube

If you Recreate/Use any of these spreads don’t forget to tag me (@danosbujo) and @archerandolive,, #AOShare, and #archerandolive.

Have a lovely day/night and a great 2022!

See you next time! 


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