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Create this ombre heart with Tombow brush pens

by Bonnie Kuhl 20 Aug 2017 0 Comments


This ombre heart makes the perfect graphic for a thank you card, or to hang on your wall. 


Supplies Needed:

- Tombow brush markers - #025, #723, #673, blender

- Pencil + eraser

- Archer and Olive sketchbook

1. Lightly sketch the outline of a heart.


2. Section off the heart into 5 different columns. Make the second and fourth columns slightly larger than the others, as there will be more overlap in these columns. 


3. Starting with the yellow #025 marker, begin adding your doodles to the middle column. You want a bit over overlap between columns. This overlap will be the area you blend.

It helps to start with the larger doodles first, Then fill in the smaller spaces with small flowers.


4. Fill in the rest of the heart with doodles using the Pink #723 marker. In the areas that overlap with the yellow, place pink on top of the existing yellow doodles.  


5. Add purple #673 on top of the pink doodles, in the first and last columns.


6. Use the blending marker over the overlapping areas until you create a gradient you are happy with.  Blend the markers, and then give it about 5 min before you try blending again. Sometimes the ink just needs a bit of time to settle.



7. Erase your pencil lines.

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