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Create this simple tracker and build better habits + Free printable

by Bonnie Kuhl 24 Aug 2017 7 Comments


It wasn’t until a few months after starting my dot grid, that I decided to try a habit tracker. At first, I was a skeptic. Does it really matter if I don’t get 8 glasses of water a day (turns out, yes). But oh how quickly I became obsessed with these layouts. I love it because, eventually I stopped needing it. My habits became automatic (which is exactly the point).

If you’re already using one of our dot grid journals, here’s a quick tutorial on how I created this layout. The layout will work in other dot grid notebooks, but you might have to slightly modify, as the pages aren’t identical to ours.

archer and olive bundles


Step 1:

Leave top 7 rows blank for your header


Step 2:

Draw a box 21 dots wide and 28 squares long. They will be one column of padding on each side.


Step 3:  

6 squares from the left of your box, draw a vertical line all the way down.


Step 4:

Every 2 squares, draw a horizontal line across the boxes.


archer and. olive


Step 5: 

Horizontally divide the right hand boxes into two rows.


Step 6: 

In the right hand boxes, add vertical lines all the way down after each square.


Step 7: 

Add the days of the month (1-30) in the boxes. If your month has 31 days, it’s ok to tack on an extra square at the end.


Step 8: 

Add the the title, doodles, and habits you want to track.

For each day you complete a habit, color or shade in the box.

    archer and olive bundles

    If you enjoyed this lesson, and are interested in learning more layouts, sign up for information on our Dot Grid 101 course, coming this fall!

    Or if you’re not into the DIY scene, you can download this exact layout as a free printable here!

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    28 Apr 2021 Erin Clark

    id like the download please!

    28 Apr 2021 tvl

    love this layout

    28 Apr 2021 Dolores


    28 Apr 2021 Hannah

    Love this layout!

    28 Apr 2021 Zai

    Hi I would love a copy of the habit tracker thanks :)

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