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Creating a Visual Bucket List in your Bullet Journal

by Ambassador Team 12 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Hello everyone!  Amanda here from the Archer and Olive Ambassador team  and today I’m going to show you how to make a visual Bucket List spread in your bullet journal for 2024.  While it can fun fun to make separate bucket lists for each season (ie. Summer Bucket List, Fall Bucket List), this bucket list I'm showing you today covers all seasons!

First things first, here is some Archer and Olive gear I think would be helpful in creating your Visual Bucket List:

Stack of Books Dot Grid in A5

6 Pan Watercolor Set in Primary (or any other set of Watercolors)

Calliograph Pens in Retro Roadtrip (or any set of Calliographs)

Set of 3 Black Calliographs

You don't need both watercolors and calliographs, the color choices are up to you.  You'll see what I used below.  In addition, for this project it's also helpful to have a good pencil, an eraser, and your favorite fine liner sizes.

I’ve always loved the idea of creating a bucket list at the start of each year, filling it with different activities I dream of doing.  While I have a big life bucket list filled with activities like fly in a hot air balloon, visit Scotland, and go to the opera, I like to keep the tasks on my yearly bucket list light and fun.



Before you put pen to paper, jump online and do some research.  There are lots of bucket list examples online to help inspire you (or you can also check out the printable I have at the bottom of this post for more ideas!)w.  Next, take a scrap piece of paper and write all of the items you want to include on your list.  While this activity is mostly for fun, it's also a good time to be a bit realistic.  If fly to Tahiti and swim with sea turtles is on your list but there's absolutely no way you can make it to Tahiti this year, this is probably not the right list to put that item on.  Think simple and attainable (but still fun).  One of my favorite things to put on my list every year is "play in the leaves, grass, snow, and sand."  By doing those 4 things I know that I'm getting myself outside, and doing fun activities that can easily get overlooked or I could make excuses not to do.

Visual Bucket List


Now that you've made your list it's time to grab a pencil and figure out how you want to set it up in your journal.  Do you want to organize it by season?  Or let it be a little chaotic and mix it up (this is my preference)? Next, sketch out each of your bucket list items.  You can be super literal or choose some sort of symbol to represent each item, it's up to you.  In my process, I like to make the sketch of the icon and then add the wording next to it when I'm done, letting the page flow and fill as I go along.

Visual Bucket List


Outline your drawings and letters using a fineliner (or whatever pen you choose) and color it in! Or don't, really the choice is yours.  I'm personally a big fan of brush markers so my calliographs usually get a big workout in my journaling spreads, but for this example I decided to break out of my comfort zone and use watercolor. It's not quite as neat as markers, but I had lots of fun!

Visual Bucket List


Get to work!  You've made the bucket list, now it's time to start checking things off!

Remember that Printable I told you about in step one?  Well here's where you can find it!

Bucket List Ideas printable

In addition to this blog, I also made a Youtube video explaining how to make a visual bucket list.  You can check that out below.

Well dear friends, I hope you were able to find something inspiring from this post and that you'll be able to make your own visual bucket lists for your next year, season, or even your life!  If you would like to see more content from me you can find me on Instagram at  @shenoteditall.  And if you would like to find some more bucket list inspiration check out these other posts below from Archer and Olive.

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