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Festive Nail Art Ideas Using Paint Pens

by Ambassador Team 15 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Hi there, it’s Vero or @verobujo from Instagram and YouTube.

As Christmas approaches, so does our desire to get festive and start decorating. But decorations aren’t limited to your house! Today, we’ll be decorating our nails in a fun and festive nail art deco using Archer and Olive Acrylographs

Festive Nail Art using Acrylographs

I love using acrylographs to decorate my nails, with such a beautiful range of colours, and the control of a pen, it’s way easier to decorate my nails than with nail polish and a brush! 

The designs I’ll be showcasing today are all copied from various photos from Pinterest. I’ve chosen my favorite designs, and you can follow my process by checking out my associated YouTube video right over here

Nail Art Supplies

  • Base coat (to protect your nails)
  • Nude nail polish colour (to create an even canvas on each nail)

Essie Nail Polish

  • Acrylograph pens (I’ve gone with these colours: brown, black, and white from the Primary collection, red & green from the glitter collection, but you could also use the red and green from the primary collection as well) 


Nail Art Steps

First, you want to remove your existing nail polish color, and prep your nails, I do so by massaging cuticle oil into my cuticles and then wiping the excess oil off. 

Next, I put a protective base clear coat on my nails to protect them from the use of nail polish. I’ll also apply a nude colour on top to give myself a nice even colored base to start decorating. 

To start the decorations, I found the following photos on Pinterest and copied specific nail designs. 

Christmas Nails

Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas Nail Designs

I compiled the designs I liked on a separate piece of paper. I used the acrylographs to draw the designs out on the paper to ensure I’d be able to pull off the designs on my hand. 

Nail Designs

I’ve included a freebie for you today, this is a printable that you can use to come up with your own nail designs before actually designing on your nails!

Nail Design Template

I decorated my nails by colour rather than by individual nail. The reason for this is because you’ll want to let the acrylograph layer completely dry before applying a second layer on top of it. This was important, especially for the gingerbread man’s eyes and buttons!

The designs I chose today are all easy enough to execute, but nail art is not something you are going to be automatically good at, it takes patience and time to get comfortable designing on such a small surface. So give it a go! 

Another tip I have for you, is to simply grab an acrylograph and start designing on your bare nails, if you mess up you can easily wipe away the design with nail polish remover. It also saves you the stress of messing up on freshly painted nails! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of acrylograph nail art.

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