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Creating a Weekly Diary with your Traveler's Notebook + FREE Printable!

by Design Team 03 Feb 2022 0 Comments

Hi Friends! How fun we get to meet like this every month!   I’m Laura with @planningmyday on Instagram and today we’re going to chat about turning your Travelers Notebook into a Weekly Diary!

 All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know. -Ernest Hemingway

I think we all have a story to tell, don’t you? It’s a story that’s written from within the fabric of our daily lives! The phone call with your mom, the funny texts shared between your kids…. the friend you met while at the grocery store!  It’s all those little & big things wrapped into our day that give a peek into who we are! And today we’re going to learn a way to document them on a weekly basis!

finished weekly spread 

Tools you’ll Need for Your Weekly Diary set up!

  • Archer & Olive Travelers Notebook 
  • Archer & Olive Calliograph Water Based Ink Brush Pens Awakening Selection
  • Archer & Olive Plan Your Week Stamp set
  • Archer & Olive Spring Stamp set 
      • Versafine Black INK stamp pad
      • Stamp block
  • Your favorite black writing pen

  • Let’s begin by setting up the week view

    days of the week

    On the left side of the page write or stamp the month along the top.  Then draw lines every four rows down and stamp the day headers along the left side. Along the bottom, either stamp/write a favorite quote or add a stamped image.  Here I used the picket fence and florals using the Archer and Olive Spring Stamp set

    Every morning while enjoying my first cup of coffee I’ll fill in yesterday’s bullet highlights and weather!

    Remember, we’re not using this as a planner but as a diary.  So it’s filled in “after” the fact. It’s a memory log.

    We write to taste life in the moment and in retrospect. 

    -Anais Nin

    door stamp

    On the right side you’ll create a design along the upper right and then down along the bottom. Here I’ve used the Archer and Olive Spring Stamp set.  I also wanted to share a fun technique with you! You can see in the photo above I stamped a wooden door.

    stamp mirror image

    cut image

    When you’re wanting to layer stamped images, after stamping your original image (in this case, the door) stamp a mirror image on a sticky note!  Fussy cut the image out and place it over the stamped image. Now do your second layer stamping over the top of the sticky note!

    stamp over sticky note

    This is such a creative way to be able to layer stamping.  You can see here the florals look like they’re  behind the door.  This would be such a fun way to create any scene. Mountain’s and  clouds. A floral wreath. A cascade of  stamps flowing down the side of a page.  The possibilities are endless and so fun!

    color in

    Next, have fun coloring!  I usually Set up my new week every Saturday afternoon.  On Sunday’s I Color and document the week that’s just ended! Very relaxing!

    weekly spread printable

    Here’s a printable I designed for you to practice your own diary entry,  before writing it in your journal.

    I thought you’d appreciate some tips to get started in journaling!

    At the end of the week, look over the bulleted highlights you’ve listed on your week-at-a-glance.  Pause and let your mind slowly reflect on the past week.  The good, the fun, the sad, the happy, the crazy, the silly … the YOU!

    • Describe a specific day or event you want to tell the story about… what did you see, hear, do or think?
    • Who did you see while out running errands, what did you talk about?
    • What was your favorite movie or show of the week and why?
    • Did you go out to dinner with friends?  What did you talk about?
    • What did you buy at the grocery store this week? Was it expensive? Did you buy something new?
    • Did you have a phone call with a friend or family member? What did you talk about? 

    I love to write about my phone calls with family, especially mom and dad.  They’re both in their 80’s so I’ll love to look back on these memories of the phone calls!

    • Was there a funny text shared that you want to remember?
    • Did you see something that made you smile?
    • Did you watch something out your window one morning, that made you smile?
    • Did your pet do something funny this week?
    • What was something fun your kids said or did this week!
    • How about a favorite outfit you wore? Why do you love it?

    final page

    I’ve also created this short video,so you can watch as I set up my weekly! Enjoy!


    Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. 

    -William Wordsworth

    QUESTION of the Day!  Did you keep a diary when you  were a child.. and do you still have it today? Share in the comments below!

    And to wrap things up, I created a diagram of my weekly diary page for you! My first time creating one, I don’t think it came out half bad lol!

    diary diagram

    Well my friends, I had a great time meeting up with you today!  Don’t be a stranger!  Stop by my instagram and say hello!  Let me know if there’s something specific you’d love to see in a future blog post! 

    Oh and feel free to tag @Archerandolive,, #AOShare, and #archerandolive in your posts! We’d love seeing what you create!!

    Also, be sure to come on over and say Hi on Instagram by clicking here!   

    Remember to use CODE "LAURA10” and save 10% on your Archer & Olive purchase! As an Affiliate I appreciate your support!

    Visit my YouTube Channel for other content!


    You’re the BEST!

    Creative Hugs and til’ next time


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