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How to Customise Your Archer and Olive Journal Boxes For Stationery Storage

by Design Team 01 Feb 2022 0 Comments

Hey! It’s Chloe from @bulletjournalbychloe and today I’m showing you how to customise your box that comes with your journal. Do you have so many boxes that you just can’t bring yourself to throw them away? I’ll show you how you can use them as storage for your stationary or as a pencil case. Personalise them using these simple steps. 

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  • Archer & Olive journal box: any size will work, I’m using the travelor size
  • Acrylographs: I’m using black but you can use any colours you like 
  • Washi tapes: Any colour choice, or you can use paint 
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Glue
  • Scissors 

Okay… go grab your supplies and let’s start creating!

Cover the box

showing the box

I'm starting by covering the box with a white sheet of paper. The reason I am doing this is because my chosen washi tape is slightly transparent so you would see the current design on the box through the washi tape. The paper helps to create a blank canvas. 


Cover in Washi Tape

add washi

The next step is to cover the box in washi tape. I am doing this by using strips across the box. Don’t worry about the edges, we will sort them next. You don’t have to use washi tape, you can cover your box using paint or any kind of art materials. You can even draw straight onto the paper that was used to cover up the design.  

Trim the Washi Tape

trimming washi

Now we need to trim the edges. Use scissors to cut away any excess washi tape or you can fold it over and stick it to the inside of the box. 

Sketch Your Design

sketch your design

Now the box is covered, it's time to sketch your design. I went with my name- Bullet Journal by Chloe. Some other examples you can use are “stationary box” or “my supplies”. Make sure to use pencil first as you can always keep changing your design until your happy with it. 

Add Pen

label the box

Now for the scary part, drawing it out in pen. The good thing about using washi tape is that if you make a mistake, you can simply peel that piece up and replace it with a new piece. I actually made a mistake whilst making this, so I replaced the piece and you would never be able to tell that I had made a mistake.

Finishing Touches

finishing touches

Finally, add any finishing touches such as backdrops on the lettering or floral patterns.

And that’s it! You now have your very own personified journal box. You can use this to store your journal in or you can put your stationary within them. I like to use it to keep all the items of stationary that I am using for that month within it. 


Want to see more? Check out this video to see how I made mine!


Finally, make sure you grab your free printable as a guide or to print out for your journal:


I hope you enjoyed this blog! Make sure to tag me (@bulletjournalbychloe) and Archer and Olive (@archerandolive) in any of your recreations and use the hashtag #AOShare #archerandolive! Have fun getting crafty!

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