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Creative Autumn Activities To Try At Home

by Ambassador Team 21 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Autumn is almost upon us and I must say it’s one of my favourite times of year.  Perhaps you love curling up with a good book or your journal. Maybe you enjoy baking autumnal desserts and getting creative with your art supplies.

Orange journal flower press and pens

If you need some more ideas for autumn activities, take a look below as I share some of my favourite projects for this season.

Hello, it’s Alex (@TheJournalCorner) from the Archer and Olive ambassador team.  Today I am going to share some inspiration for autumn activities, including journal spread ideas and creative projects. I will give you some examples of different pages to try and also include a free printable list you can access later in this blog.


Autumn Craft Supplies:

Orange journal pens and flower pressFor these activities, a Journal and pen will suffice, but there are some extras I enjoyed using if you want to get more creative.

  • Archer & Olive journal - white dot grid 
  • A selection of coloured pens like these calliographs 
  • A few acrylograph paint pens
  • Flower Press like the Archer and Olive one from the Sept 2022 subscription box
  • Kraft paper from a notepad like this Neapolitan one
  • Black fineliner
  • Pencil for outline planning
  • Leaves, conkers even a pumpkin!
  • Sticky tape/glue

If you are looking to purchase anything from Archer & Olive, please use ‘Alex10’ to save 10%. This is an affiliate code, so it allows you to support creators like me too.


Autumn Bucket List

Open journal with brush letteringIf you enjoy this season, you may wish to create a journal page full of activities you want to do.  You could create a list or be more decorative using calliograph pens.  

The calliographs come in a huge range of autumn colours.  They are also dual tipped so allow for larger and smaller lettering on the page. 

Open journal and calliograph pens

I usually check out any local events advertised plus think of my favourite places to visit this time of year.  There may be some pretty stunning locations to see the trees turning orange or Halloween traditions you want to do again.

You should always include indoor activities for those cosy days too!

Open journal with autumn activity ideas

Favourite Autumn recipes

Dusky pink journal with whisk and pens

It’s definitely a good season for baking with all the berries and fruit available.  Of course in the USA you also have thanksgiving to plan and prepare for.

Why not use a journal to note down your favourite dishes that are enjoyed by all. That way you have something to refer to every year - you could even include photos.

Open journal with autumn crumble recipe

If you are hosting thanksgiving you may need to test recipes and plan out the food a bit more.  Use a journal spread to help stay organised for this holiday time of year.

Again the calliograph pens are ideal for this project and you can practice creating some beautiful titles.

Creative project - leaf decoration 

Flower press with blank leavesThe September 2022 Archer & Olive subscription box included this gorgeous flower press.  It’s not just something for spring flowers though!

The colours of autumn reflected in leaves can be preserved using a flower press and used in an easy creative project. 

You need to plan ahead by collecting any leaves a couple of weeks before.  Opening the flower press, place individual leaves between the paper as this will remove any moisture.  It’s best to collect recently fallen leaves that are not too dry or crumbly but not too fresh either.

After a couple of weeks the leaves should be dry and pressed.  Hopefully they have still preserved their gorgeous colour too!

Carefully remove the leaves as they may be fragile.  Choose leaves that have been pressed well, with a smoother surface. Now you are ready to decorate them.

Flower press with decorated leaves

I have used acrylograph paint pens to add words and decoration onto leaves as an autumn activity.  You could then string some together to create some leaf bunting.

A larger leaf may allow you to add a whole quote or even an image.  You do need to take care with the pens not to tear the leaf itself.  It’s always worthwhile making sure you press more than needed for any craft project.

Another autumn activity with the acrylograph paint pens is to decorate conkers or even a whole pumpkin.  You could draw and shade in autumn doodles or add words to these items.  If you don’t want to decorate a large pumpkin find some smaller ones instead.

This is also a great alternative to pumpkin carving and safer for young children.


Autumn Activities Video

You can watch me create and talk through these examples in more detail in my video here.

Autumn Activity Printable 

For more activity ideas for this season, take a look at my printable here.

Downloadable autumn activity idea icon


Orange and brown journals with pensI hope you have found some different ideas to get creative today. It’s such a cosy time of year, perfect for journaling and craft projects.  For more journal inspiration come and say hello @thejournalcorner. We always love to see your creations, so please tag @archerandolive or use #aoshare on Instagram.

The Archer & Olive blog has several articles that you may enjoy further on this topic.  Check out this lovely creative project to make ‘Fall Cards’.  More ideas for a bucket list can be found here and some pumpkin doodles.  There is also a lovely collection of tutorials relating to fall/autumn collated for you here.

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