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It’s World Bipolar Day. First, I want to say —It is OK if you aren’t OK. Second, mental illness is REAL. If you’re fairly new to Archer & Olive, you may not know that my own mental health is the reason I started Archer & Olive. In college, I was diagnosed with Bipolar and Anxiety disorders. Journaling and art were a tremendous help in my journey and STILL ARE. I take medication and meet with a therapist twice a month, but journaling and art have become just as vital to completing my treatment puzzle. I recognize my privilege. I’m SO fortunate that my family supported me, that I had health insurance, and the income to afford therapy. These are huge hurdles for SO MANY others in the world.

With my team, I hope to help others through hosting Creative Care Week, running March 30 - April 3. We hope to bring awareness to mental health by sharing ways you can use creativity for your mental wellness, and help those who don't have access to creative art supplies with a giveback. Here’s what it will look like:

Creative Care Week Giveback

If you struggle with mental health issues and it is difficult for you to be able to afford a journal or creativity tools, then we want to give it to you for FREE, because I believe everyone should have access to these tools that have helped me SO MUCH. To make it easy to reach out, just fill out this form, share your story if you’re comfortable doing so (not required), and we’re going to send creativity tools to as many people as we possibly can.

For everyone else, we’re offering 20% site wide through 4/3  so you can get what you need to benefit from creativity for your own mental health journey. 

When I do givebacks, I ALWAYS get so many generous and kind people reaching out to offer help. So if you would like to donate a product to our giveaway entries, you can do that here:

Creativity Cares Donation - Archer and Olive
Creativity Cares Donation - Archer and Olive
Creativity Cares Donation - Archer and Olive
Creativity Cares Donation - Archer and Olive

Creativity Cares Donation

It’s important to me that everyone has access to creativity, so, today, I’ve donated to Creative Action, an organization that uses the arts as a medium to inspire creativity, unlock potential, and transform the lives of students of all ages. I encourage you to check them out HERE.

Creativity for Mental Health

Throughout the week, my team will be providing you with content each day on the Archer & Olive platforms to help YOU get inspired for creating for you mental wellness.

Here’s what to look out for, and you can check back in on this blog where we will update each day with links to the content so you have it all in one place!

Day 1 - World Bipolar Day

March 30th is World Bipolar Day, so to start Creative Care Week I will be sharing a true day in my life over on Instagram Stories. Through the day I will share my personal experience with Bipolar and Anxiety disorders, and some of the things that help me daily.

Day 2 - Archer and Olive Mental Health Day

Each quarter I give my team at Archer and Olive an extra paid day off to staff, as I know how important it is to take a pause from busy days and just unplug to recharge. You should expect a delay in responses during that time, and I ask that you extend some grace as the team enjoys some time away taking care of their mental health.

For Day 2 of Creative Care Week, I encourage you to take some time out too. Whether that means taking a rest day, doing a small self-care activity, or being creative, we hope you do something to prioritize YOU today.

If you don’t know where to start, here are 6 easy ways to do some mindful creating.

Day 3 - How I Create For My Mental Health

On Day 3 of Creative Care Week, I will be sharing a Youtube video on the Archer and Olive account at 11am CT, talking about specific ways I find it helpful to use creativity for my mental health.

YouTube Video - Simple Ways To Be Creative For Your Mental Health

Day 4 - Lori’s Five Easy Ways To Start Being Creative For Mental Wellness

The next day, our UNBOUND artist and educator Lori will be sharing some more great ways to be creative for your mental wellness. As we both have very different art styles, I hope one video will speak to you and give you some ideas to get started.

YouTube Video - Five Easy Ways To Start Being Creative For Mental Wellness

Day 5 - Last Day

On the last day, we will be doing a round up of all the amazing content over the week, and sharing a video of some useful self-care spreads over on Instagram.

This is your final chance to sign up for giveback, so if you have found our content this week inspiring but you cannot afford a journal or creativity tools, then please fill out the form where I hope to help as many people as possible.

Also, the 20% off site wide sale ends on 4/3 at 11:59 CST.

Product Highlights

Here are some items particularly catered to getting creative for your wellness. 


The product I most recommend is UNBOUND. UNBOUND is a guided creative experience designed to remove barriers and give you everything you need to start benefiting from creativity for your mental wellness. You will receive all the supplies and a detailed video tutorial of this butterfly project, helping you jump right into creating.

Relaxing Coloring Book

If you want something easy to jump into, you can unwind after busy days with our Relaxing Coloring Book. Designed with mindfulness in mind, our coloring book is filled with 9 fun floral illustrations, 7 quote pages, and 6 cozy tea-themed designs that inspire you to create as you relax.

Snail Notebooks

Next, our Snail design notebooks will also be discounted, reminding you that slow progress IS progress.

Into the Wild Box

Step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown with our Into the Wild box. We hope this jungle inspired box encourages you to get started and unleash your creativity.

Monthly Kits

And finally, Monthly Kits are a great way to get started with creativity. They provide everything you need for a themed craft project, planner or bullet journal set up. Find a theme that inspires you here:

We really hope you get involved with our Creative Care Week, running March 30 - April 3. Make sure to head over to @archerandolive on Instagram and keep this blog open to keep up with what is happening through the week! And let us know what you are MOST excited for!

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