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DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas With Pressed Flowers And Leaves

by Content Team 11 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Hello! Ericka from @Crafteinated here with a fun tutorial to wrap your presents and gifts this holiday season! 

We will be utilizing the subscription box from Archer & Olive to make some memorable gift wrap.  Using the flower press, we can make our gifts look beautiful!  The simple printable can help you make tags or decorate the cover of an envelope.  

Supplies used:

 gift wrapping supplies

Bag/Box/Envelope or whatever you would like to decorate!

You can use code Crafteinated10 for 10% off most Archer & Olive products!\


Getting Started

pick out the flowers and leaves to press

The first thing you would do is pick out the flowers and leaves you would like to press.  This can be a time-consuming step, so try to plan!  The flower press that came in the September Subscription Box has a QR code that you can scan to get all of the information you need to press your flowers.  This step can take a couple of weeks!

pressed flowers and leaves

Once your flowers are pressed, you can gather your supplies and print out the printable below.  I printed mine out on Kraft paper because I thought it would pair nicely with the natural tones of the flowers and leaves.  You can also watch the accompanying video to see how I put the gift bags, envelope, and box together.


Decorating the Envelope

cutting the envelope

I first cut out the envelope decor from the printable sheet to decorate the envelope.  To attach the flower I used glitter glue to adhere it to the kraft printable piece.  I carefully used the glue sparingly to avoid making the blossom challenging to dry and adhere to the envelope.  

adding pressed flower

Once the flower was attached, I used my calliograph to write “hello” on the front of the template.  Then I carefully flipped and glued the piece of kraft paper onto the envelope.  To finish up, I used washi to decorate and add a bit more pop and color to my envelope.   

brush lettering hello

This makes a really fun and simple envelope to go with a gift, send to a penpal, or for any occasion!

finished gift envelope


Decorating the Bags

Kraft bag decoration

Moving on to decorating the small bag, I will use one of the tags from the printable for this.  I covered one side of the tag with washi to add some interest to it.  I then used my scissors to cut along the tag to remove the access washi.

washi tape gift tag

I then attached my flower using the same technique as with the envelope by lightly putting dots of glue to adhere it. 

pressed flower Kraft bag

After that step was completed, I used the hole punch to give space for the ribbon to be fed through. 

adding the tag to the gift bag


We are again going to use a flower as the focal point for the large bag, but we will also use a leaf as a tag. 

another bag decoration example

I attach the flower in the same way as the others with the glue.  I used the alphabet stamps to stamp my sentiment onto the leaf.  Be careful when looping the cord or twine through the leaf, as the leaf is fragile and may break. 

finished gift bag


Decorating the Box

box decoration supplies

Finally, I will wrap up one of the books I make since they fit perfectly into the box.  This was my favorite version, and it is straightforward!  I just used the white cord to do a cross bow on the front and gently places a leaf behind it.  After that, I used some of the ribbons and tied a knot. 

Kraft box and dried leaves gift wrapping


Finished product 

all the wrapped gifts

All four projects came out so lovely and were very simple to do! I cannot wait to give them the unique gifts they contain!



The printable that you can download is available below. You can use this printable to make one envelope and three tags!

Download and print the template here:

free gift tag printable



Please check out the video below if you want to see me creating the different styles of gift wrap and talk through my process:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you recreate this tutorial or use the printable, please share your creation using the #archerandolivecommunity hashtag! I'd love to see yours! Happy Gifting!

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