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How To Create A Movie Tracker Spread For Your Bullet Journal

by Content Team 10 Nov 2022 1 comment

Hi, friends! 

It’s Char here from the Archer & Olive 2022 Design Team. Today, I’m going to show you a spread that I always include in my annual bullet journal setups: a ‘Movies to See’ spread. I am a huge fan of going to the movies, so this spread is a necessity for me, but I’ve also done versions of it for restaurants I want to try, shows I want to watch and books I want to read. 

Whatever it is that you want to track - whether it be for your year, month or week - let’s dive in!

movies to watch spread


Below is a rundown of some of the products I used to create this spread. If you would like to purchase any of these products, remember to use the code CHAR10 at checkout to save yourself some money!

  • Neapolitan Dot Grid Journal - This journal has 3 different types of paper so you can choose between white, kraft, and blackout. 
  • You can also do this spread on one of the Dot Grid Notepads, or on any of the other Dot Grid Journals if you only want to use one type of paper. 
  • Calliographs - I used the grey shade to colour in the movies I’ve seen.
  • Black brush tip pen
  • Black fineliner



Creating the Spread

This spread is actually one of the simplest to make: all you need is a title and a couple of rectangles.

To make this particular spread a little bit more fun and to fit the theme, I drew three film strips across two pages. This is super easy to do – even if you’re not a confident drawer – because it’s basically just horizontal and vertical lines in varying thicknesses. I went back and forth between hard tip and brush tip pens to get the lines where I wanted them. 

You can add even more doodles if this is too simple for you. If it’s not simple enough, ditch the film strips and stick with some simple rectangles! Here are some other versions of this spread I’ve done that kept it even more minimal.

movie spread example

movie and shows to watch

close up on spread

Once you’ve got your spread set up, all you need to do to use this spread is write the titles of the movies you want to watch in the rectangles. Once you’ve watched them, simply colour it in (the calliographs work perfectly for this). I like to use a grey to keep things monochromatic, but you can do this with any colour or combination of colours that you would like.

adding in the movies

Swap it out

Like I said, you can totally use this concept for anything else you want to keep track of: countries you want to visit, music/podcasts you want to listen to, classes you want to take - anything! I love to include these in my annual bullet journal set up so that I can refer to them throughout the year. 

Here’s an example of another versions of this spread I’ve done in the past:

other spread ideas


I’ve also turned this spread into a printable for you, so you can paste it into your journal, onto your fridge, your mirror, or anywhere else you want! Click here to download now. 

free movies tracking printable


I hope you love and use this spread as much as I do - I honestly can’t imagine a bullet journal without it. 

If you’d like to see more of my spreads, you can find me on Instagram at

Don’t forget to tag @archerandolive,, #AOShare and #archerandolive when you try your own weekly spreads. See you next time!

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1 comment

30 Jan 2023 Maribel

I love this tracker; easy to create, pretty and clear.
Thank you for sharing it.

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