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Easy Holiday Memory Keeping Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

by Design Team 31 Aug 2021 0 Comments

Hi friends, I’m Robin also known as Crafty Planner Queen you can find me on Instagram @craftyplanner_queen. Please don’t forget to use my affiliate code (CPQ10) to receive discounts on your Archer & Olive purchases. 

memory keeping ideas

As a planner/journal enthusiast I’ve become an advocate for memory keeping and documenting big and small moments. I’m such a holiday person, therefore every year I enjoy crafting up lots of ways to preserve my holiday memories. Often referred to as “the most wonderful time of the year” it can go by pretty fast. This is why memory keeping is essential to be able to look back on those magical moments. 

In this blog, I will be highlighting holiday memory keeping and some simple and effective ways to make your holidays memorable using your archer and olive products. I will share (3) of my favorite ways to memory keep in my holiday journals as well as a few tips to keep things organized, easy & fun! Holidays can be stressful enough with things like perfecting your families favorite baked goods and finding quality gifts for everyone. Holiday memory keeping needs to be stress free and a way to get your creativity flowing during the holidays. 

It’s a good idea to make it interactive and allow your children, spouses, or other loved ones to be a part of the process. You could delegate roles and have different members of the family be responsible  for things like fussy cutting, printing pics, and gathering materials. Speaking of materials, listed below are some of the major things I use to make my holiday memory keeping come to life! 

Supplies For Memory Keeping:

- Archer & Olive 8 x 8 Dot Grid Notebook

- Archer & Olive Acrylograph Pens

- Holiday Ephemera & Other Scrapbook Materials (from my stash)

- Fine Tip Pen


Here are (3) ways to make your holiday memory keeping experience a success:


At this point in my life I can’t even function without using a list for everything. It’s guaranteed to make your holidays run smoothly. Typically I use my holiday notebook to house all my lists and because I’m so dedicated I totally dress them up with stickers, stamps and other ephemera. ( it’s also great to go the simple bujo way with a few doodles here and there) A few examples of holiday list include holiday  bucket lists, menu items, gift ideas, budget list, etc)

menu list



The pictures truly tell the story & even though it can be time consuming, it’s also very rewarding and heartwarming to go through the pictures and document your holiday. Tip: Print pics as you go so it’s not overwhelming in the end. It’s also fun to play around with different dimensions and sizes. Remember, you don’t need a fancy printer or special paper to make things beautiful, use what you have.

memory keeping photos



If you know that this year you want to document your holiday memories through words, pictures, scrapbooking or any other style do not hesitate to start prepping. Tip: Most of your Archer & Olive notebooks have a very functional pocket in the very back. I like to use them for storage of photos and other materials until I’m ready to craft it all up. 

keep scrap paper

I focused on Christmas in my examples, however you can do your memory keeping for whatever holidays and traditions are special in your family. I understand that not everyone has the time to sit down and document scrapbook style so I’ve included a free printable that’s a digital scrapbook page I created.

holiday memory keeping printable

These are easy to make in whatever software you desire and save lots of time. The best part is having these pages to look back on and pass down for future generations. So keep it simple, plan ahead, make it interactive & most importantly have fun! <Craft.Plan.Heal>

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