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Magical Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

by Design Team 02 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Hey-lo, Marsha here from DoYouSalut!  Although I LOVE summer time I’m actually a December baby and lately I’ve been growing a new appreciation for the winter months. Today we’re going to explore some winter theme ideas for your bullet journal. Let’s goooo! 

supplies picture


Recommended Supplies: 

Moon Flower Neapolitan A5 dot grid notebook ( or any notebook you choose) 

Pencil and Eraser 

Acrylograph pens 

Masha Plans x Archer and Olive christmas sticker pack 

Candy Cane Theme: 

candy cane cover page

I LOVE candy canes! It’s one of the best parts of the winter season.  A candy cane theme is a simple and easy theme idea if you are in a rush or pressed for time.

candy cane monthly

You can make the theme as minimal as you want and during the month during down time you can always add more candy canes to your spreads. 

Candy cane habit tracker

Click here to watch a video of a candy cane theme set-up. 

Gingerbread People and Village: 

Gingerbread people are another one of my winter time favorites. Believe it or not I never actually made a gingerbread home! This is something I need to fix this winter!  A gingerbread theme like the candy cane theme can be as simple or as intricate as you want. If you are looking for a minimal bujo setup you can have just the gingerbread people throughout the pages. If you want to be more artistic or intricate you can create gingerbread homes and have mini gingerbread people walking around their village. 

gingerbread theme

I'm one of those people who like holiday items during holiday times. So this Valentine's Gingerbread bae theme is right up my alley.


Is there anything more beautiful in the winter than watching snowfall? You can’t think about winter and not think about snowflakes. Snowflakes are a great minimal theme to set up for the winter time.

snowflake theme

Polar bears and Penguins 

Does anyone else remember the Coca-cola commercials with the animated polar bears enjoying a nice glass of cola? Whenever I think of the beginning of winter polar bears and penguins always pop into my head. I used the stickers from the Masha Plans x Archer and Olive Christmas sticker pack. How cute are these penguins in ear muffs! 

polar bear theme

Religious Holidays:

Several religions celebrate important holidays during the winter months. For example in Judaism the holiday of Hanukkah is celebrated. In Hinduism, Diwali the festival of lights is celebrated. In Christianity Christmas is celebrated. Incorporating your faith’s holidays is a great theme idea for your bullet journal. 

Other theme Ideas:

winter theme ideas

Here is a printable winter doodle ideas to get you started. 

winter theme free printables

Have you done any of these theme ideas before? Which theme would you be most excited to incorporate into your winter bullet journal? Feel free to tag us at  doyousalut and archerandolive  so we can see your beautiful creations. Don’t forget to tag our community page for a chance to be featured. 


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