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Find Your Tribe Quote - Leaves Tutorial

by Nabaa Afridi 19 Feb 2020 1 comment

Hello again! It's Nabaa from @whimsical.doodles with a super pretty tutorial today. Valentine's day is soon upon us and while it is generally a day to celebrate romantic love, I'm here to celebrate a different sort of love - our friendships! 

For today's blog post, I managed to put together an easy to follow video! I've been meaning to create videos of my content for a while now and I finally got around to it! Please let me know what you think and if it was helpful!

To start off, here are the materials used: 

Let's begin! To start off, I first used a pencil to letter down two words from the quote - Find Your Tribe, Love Them Hard! Using a pencil first is a great way to easily set up your layout for the page. 

I used a faux calligraphy method to write down the words:

Archer and Olive Bullet Journal Quote Tutorial

Once you have your words laid out, start drawing the leaves (Check out the free printable on this post to practice your leaves!). You want to go all around the page to form a border of sorts:

Archer and Olive Bullet Journal Quote Tutorial

Start adding colour! I used 2 posca paint pens - Dark Red and Pastel Pink! The Posca pens are fantastic because they're essentially painting but give you the control of a pen/marker. They work fantastically with the Archer and Olive Notebooks because there is absolutely no ghosting or bleeding!

Archer and Olive Bullet Journal Quote Tutorial

You can stick to one colour, alternate between 2 colours or just do it in a completely random way! I decided I wanted a few leaves to overlap so my frame was pretty random. Start coloring all the way until all your leaves have been filled in!

Archer and Olive Bullet Journal Quote Tutorial

Now add in the gold stems! I added in little stems as well as random dots around the leaves using the Sakura Gelly Roll:

Archer and Olive Bullet Journal Quote Tutorial

Finish off by coloring in the lettering with the gold pen and you're done!

Lettering Leaves Tutorial

Check out the video process here:

I hope you found this useful and as always, I would be thrilled to see your recreations or inspired pieces! So reach out over on Instagram @whimsical.doodles and tag me in your posts! Until next time :)

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1 comment

22 Feb 2020 Huda

This is amazing!

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