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Memory Planning in 2020 with my Amy Tangerine Planner

by Nicola Knobel 21 Feb 2020 0 Comments

When I first received my Amy Tangerine Planner I was in awe of the design and the gorgeous layout! I made it my sole mission to turn this into a memory planner for 2020, using my Sunday evening to reflect on the week that has passed and really take time to focus on the gratitude I felt. I want this year to be more about gratitude and experiencing more things! 

Making time for memory planning

I have decided that I am not planning anything for a Sunday night, this is to be my time, and I am going to try and stay committed to this. I decided that it was critical to my mental health and wellness in 2020 to carve out time for myself.

So this is not too hard to achieve. I let everyone around me that I was working on my wellness every Sunday night, and made it a time that was manageable, so after my son goes to sleep and before I am to tiered to do anything. I have worked the time into my life and how it would work best for me.

Making memory planning simple

There are a couple things you need to make an effective memory planning spread. Now this is neither expensive or hard to achieve, but the key thing is to keep memorabilia like ticket stubs or pamphlets or things that represent some of the things you have done in your day. 

The other thing I think is important is photos, rather than hoarding those photos on your phone, let them free and print them out. Again you just need to print them on some paper, this doesnt need to be expensive or hard to do. Cut them to size and pop them into your memory planner. 

Layering images, stickers and paper

Use some creative styles to layer your paper, memorabilia, photos and stickers add to a really fun feel of your memory planner. I personally love adding in extra quotes and writing styles to really some some additional dynamics and mixed media feelings to the planner.

How I made my first month of memory planning:

I used the month spread to do "a word a day" that showed what the day represented or gratitude I felt. 

For the weekly spreads i tried doing a couple themes and I didn't love doing them. I decided after trying themes that I would far rather like to do it organically. I might look at themes again later but at this stage I really like the organic feel of the weeks without planned theme. 

I love layering and I love using stickers so used a variety of things to make the feel of the memory planner really unique.

Follow along with how I created my memory spread:

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